Host a Christmas Party with a Difference

Tired of the same old parties? Here are some ideas for hosting a party with a difference.

Christmas is all about celebration; celebrations that go on till the New Year is rung in. If you are hosting a party, here are some ideas to get that party rolling!

Carol away

Why not have a carol evening? Get your friends over (it helps if one of them can play a guitar!) and either spend the evening at your place singing carols or drive around town and light up the lives of friends and family by singing carols. Prepare sheets with all the lyrics so that the singers don’t fumble their way through! You could carry bags of goodies – cookies, cake or something snacky to distribute at the homes you visit.

Christmas tea

Parties can become dull and predictable. You could host a formal tea – dress up your table with an attractive Christmas-themed centerpiece. Have all your napkins in red and green to enhance the Christmas feel. Serve some sandwiches, cake, cookies, and chocolate. Play Christmas carols softly in the background and have a cozy, relaxed evening.

Dressing the tree

Call close friends or family over to put up your tree and decorations. It can be great fun when everyone partakes in the spirit of decorating the house. (It makes your work easier too!). To add a more festive flavor, play some carols, or why not get everyone to sing a few once the decorations are up? Serve finger foods or sandwiches, since this will be an active party with your guests moving around decorating, or at least admiring, your tree. The party can be held any time of the day, and you have many menu options.

Festive brunch

A weekend brunch is a good way to celebrate Christmas and doesn’t require too much of effort. Have different kinds of breads, croissants, a selection of cold cuts, sausages, bacon, coffee, fresh juice, and preserves. You could make a refreshing punch too.  End the brunch with some yummy Christmas cake and fruit salad served with a dollop of fresh cream.

Winter wonderland

Many of us can only dream about a white Christmas! Nevertheless, you could get imaginative and have a white Christmas party at home. Get plenty of white and silver balloons and hang them everywhere. Attach iridescent or white satin curling ribbons to the balloons to give a feeling of ice. You could even add snowflake confetti into the balloons when you are filling them up and get your guests to burst them with safety pins towards the end of the party for a snowfall look!  Drape your house with silver gossamer for an ethereal effect. Buy silver and white candles and generously place them around the house.

The giving tree

Buy small ornamental pots with bonsai trees, cactus plants or herbs. Add a simple decorative ribbon. During your party, you can make use of the greenery as table decorations; when the party’s over, the plants are gifts for your guests!

Potluck party

A potluck lunch or dinner is a good way to save yourself from spending too much time in the kitchen. As the host, you will need to coordinate what the other guests are bringing right down to beverages, snacks and food.  Plan the menu in general terms like what kind of food is required to the quantities needed.  Avoid dishes that require last-minute work (apart from reheating). You could even ask each guest to bring a gift and pool them all together. When your guests leave, they each get to pick up a gift.  Alternatively, you could pick up small gifts for your guests.