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Home food vs Restaurant food. Why is this a Good Business Opportunity?

Woman cooking home food

Home-cooked food will never lose its appeal…

Food is big business today. Restaurants are flourishing and more and more eating joints are mushrooming in cities and towns across India. With food becoming so popular, smart entrepreneurs are also joining the bandwagon and starting food-related businesses from their homes, dishing out a variety of offerings from baked goods to meals to juices, keto diets, sushi boxes and what have you.

So, on the one hand, you have restaurants attracting footfalls. But, on the other hand, you also find more and more people craving for home food. And that is why a home-based business can shine.

Here are the reasons why it makes sense to start a home-based food business:

Not everybody has the time to cook and eat healthy.

You can offer healthy food: Not everyone wants to eat out every day. How much of oily or rich stuff can they eat on a daily basis? As a home-based food entrepreneur, you could make big bucks if you whip us tasty, healthy home cooking.

People crave for home-cooked meals.

People yearn for home-cooked food: Today, we have working professionals migrating to cities from all over the country. They could be living in hostels or lodges. They could be sharing apartments with friends. And they all need food! They cannot afford to eat out every day and they don’t have the time or resources to cook. For them, home-cooked meals – be it, breakfast, lunch or dinner or all meals – will be a heaven send. Today, so many people cater specific cuisines – Tamil Brahmin food, Anglo-Indian food, Gujarati, Bengali, etc – and find a market in home-sick professionals who are looking for a taste of home. You could look at catering a cuisine you are familiar with.

People like variety.

People want variety: Yes, they can go to restaurants and eat different types of food. But health and affordability are factors that could deter them. As a home caterer, you could design a menu with different dishes every day, which will certainly get your clients mouths’ watering!

Serve gluten-free, vegan, paleo diet options

There is a market for custom-offerings: There are people who are on keto diets, others who want salads, then there are vegans, or people who want to eat gluten-free food. The list is endless. You could cater to a niche market and you will surely build up a loyal clientele. This is also a great business opportunity for home bakers. Why are more and more people turning to home bakers for their birthday cakes and wedding cakes? Because they can get it customized to their liking. And home bakers too can tap into niche markets by offering vegan cakes, egg-free cakes, gluten-free offerings…

People are going the organic way.

Organic is in: With more and more people becoming aware of the pitfalls of pesticide-laced food, they want to go organic. You could offer food that is made with organic ingredients – which means not just the veggies but even the rice, wheat, pulses, masalas, etc have to be organic. Your non-veg offerings could be cruelty-free alternatives too.

The world is your oyster where home-based food catering is concerned. There are zillions of opportunities. If you are creative and you love food, you could turn your passion into a thriving, successful business. Restaurants will never go out of business, but home-based food is becoming increasingly popular.