holiday Happy child playing at home

Holiday Ideas for Kids

Make your kids’ holidays fun-filled and memorable with these great ideas…

It’s that time of the year again. School holidays are upon us and the kids will be home for a long vacation. While no school means no early mornings, no packed lunches and no crazy schedules, it also means coming up with ways to keep children busy during the holiday period. While the kids are getting adjusted to the new schedule, there are many ways in which we as parents can help them enjoy their holidays to the fullest.

Hera are some fun holiday ideas:

Have a theme day: Engage your kids with the idea of a ‘theme day’. Dedicate one day to any theme they like. It may be birds, butterflies, wild animals, cartoon characters, any of their favorites. You can make large cutouts of the characters or order in a ‘Dora’ or ‘Disney’ cake. Add some light refreshments and your kids are all set to enjoy their special ‘theme day’.

Invite their friends over: Kids always love having their friends over for playtime or for a slumber party. Organize a fun day for your kids by calling over all their close friends. Keeping it a secret will add to the joy and surprise. Food, fun and friends will all make for a great time. The sparkle in their eyes at the end of the day will make all the effort worthwhile.

Make your own play garden: During the holidays, it is always a good idea to be outdoors as much as possible. Get creative with the kids and you can make your own outdoor play garden. Let the kids find their own corner in the garden and fill it with toys, pots, small rake, bucket, spoons and utensils. They will be busy in their own universe for hours.

Get crafty: Holidays are the best time to get all arty and crafty. So, get your kids to bring out their paintbrushes, colors, designs and other craft material. They can knit, create paper magic, draw beautiful pictures, make different shapes or simply color. Let the creative juices flow this holiday season!

Holidays are a time for children to spend some carefree time with friends and family. Make it fun by creating a schedule of interesting activities for the day. Also, give them the freedom to come up with some activities that they would like to indulge in on their own.