How to Hang Christmas Lights

The streams of fairy lights that engulf the streets are a welcome sight before and after Christmas. The season to be jolly requires these dazzling lights to set the mood. Even if you are not into a lot of embellishing come Christmas, a minimalist set of lights will do nicely. Below are some easy and effective ways to hang your twinkling lights.

1.Places you can hang fairy lights:

  • Rooftops
  • Bushes, hedges and trees
  • Windows and door frames
  • Pillars, post and railings
  • Driveways and pathways
  • Window boxes and pots.

2.After you have zeroed in on a place, you need to figure out how to hang the lights depending on the height and provision for hanging (nails, hooks and so on).

3.Wrap your lights around bushes, trees and hedges.

4.To determine how many strings of lights you require, measure the length of the surface.

5.If you are using a rope to hang the lights, wrap the lights like a spring. Another option is to make loops by using clothes pins at regular intervals all the while letting the string hang at every loop.

6.You can use strong tape or plastic hooks to hang the lights outside without driving nails into the wall.

7.If you have a balcony, string the lights on to the railing any way you like.

8.On pillars or trunks of trees, wrap the lights around it like a spider climbing up a pipe.

9.Decorate the rims of flower pots with lights.

10.If you have a trellis or an archway, string the lights through the various gaps. Be careful not to have too many lights at any one spot. A cluster of lights would look messy.

11.If you have a walkway or a path leading to your house, lay the strings of lights on both sides of the walkway.