bottles Brown and green old glass bottles on windowsill

If there is one thing we all tend to have a lot of, it would be loads of bottles. Instead of throwing them out or selling them to the raddiwaala, we can use them to decorate our house or even make gift items.

Here are some ways you can transform these bottles into works of art.

  • Wine bottles can be used as attractive candle (only tapers) holders.
  • Wide-necked bottles and jars can be used to grow smaller plants and herbs like parsley, rosemary and thyme. You can grow succulents like aloe and cactus. These plants need to be watered only once or twice a week and they thrive even in shady areas.
  • Bottles can be broken for shards. Wine bottles and beer bottles, for example, can be used for this. Use these pieces of glass to decorate; they can be used to form borders on mirrors and photo frames.
  • Place pieces of glass, shells or marbles in similar looking jars to decorate around the house.
  • Wine bottles and soft drink bottles have very thin necks. One rose accompanied by a sprig of baby’s breath placed in a bottle look simple yet so elegant.
How to cut glass bottles

If one can find a way to cut glass of bottles, one is left with even more options to use them as decorative items. Below is simple way to cut the glass without damaging it. This procedure may take a bit of practice but is the safest way to cut glass at home.

What you will need:
  • Some string
  • One glass bottle (Ideally use a bottle with thinner glass)
  • Acetone (nail polish remover
  • Scissors
  • Coarse paper like an emery board or sandpaper.
  • A basin filled with cold water (the colder the better)
  • Igniting source
  1. Submerge the entire bottle in cold water. (I repeat, the colder the better)
  2. Gather your string and wrap a portion of it around the circumference of the bottle.
  3. Tie the string together and cut off the excess.
  4. Take the string off the bottle and drop the string into the nail polish remover. Make sure it is completely soaked
  5. Put the string back around the bottle and light the string (You may need to repeat soaking the string a few times to aid cutting the bottle.)
  6. Use an emery board or sandpaper to buffer the sharp parts of the bottle you just cut.
Using bottles that have been cut as décor
  • If you can cut the base of the bottles, you can use them as pretty coaster. Use two or more bottles of varied colors to get an attractive set of coasters.
  • If you cut a wine bottle in half, you can use the bottom half to make pen holders, toothbrush holders and tealight holders. You can customize them by adding ornamentations like rhinestones, glass bits, beads and so on.
  • Another way to use bottles decoratively is to add layers of different pulses. You end up with a colorful range of pulses, rice and seeds in equal layers. This will add a charming touch to your kitchen. Ensure the bottle is transparent.
  • Jars would be ideal to gift your friends little soaps. bath salts and even potpourri. If you need to, you can cover the top with a piece of cloth which you can secure firmly on the neck of the jar with ribbons.

Let that creativity run lose and create your own unique style!