Rosewater works wonders on your hair/skin making it smooth and beautiful.

Most of us in the Indian sub-continent have fond memories of rosewater. It is used in milk, desserts and even as face spritzers. The benefits of rosewater are many. Besides the known commercial uses, rosewater is also good for our skin and hair. If you are looking to introduce some rosewater into your daily routine, here are some simple ways you can benefit from it.

Softer, smoother skin with rose water

Rosewater is highly recommended in skin treatment especially for dry skin. Treating the skin with rosewater will definitely make your skin smooth, itch-free and leave you feeling great. This is because rosewater has great antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties which are highly beneficial for your skin. Another advantage of using rosewater is that it is very gentle on the skin and therefore has no side-effects.

You can use rosewater as a face cleanser by mixing it with lemon juice and gently rubbing it on your face. Not only will it remove all the make-up and dirt particles, it will also bring nourishment to your skin in the best way possible. One can also make use of rosewater to control the excess oil in the skin. Mix it with multani mitti and make a face pack. This face pack can be applied two-three times every week for great results. With its antiseptic qualities, rosewater is very good in removing pimples and acne. It is highly recommended for improving your facial complexion as well.

Shiny, strong hair with rosewater

 Just like skin, rosewater is highly recommended for hair treatment as well. One can mix rosewater and aloe vera gel in equal quantities and apply it to the scalp with the help of cotton pads. Continue for a month for great, nourished hair. This works really well to make your dry and frizzy hair smooth. Rose water can also be mixed with olive oil and Vitamin E to restore hair damaged from excessive treatments.

Rosewater is also good for bringing back the bounce in your hair. After shampooing your hair, rinse it with rosewater to remove the dullness from your hair and make it look bouncy and beautiful.

These are just some of the ways in which rosewater can enhance your skin and hair. In fact, you can mix a few drops of rosewater with regular water in a small spritz bottle and carry it with you in the summer. Spritz on a few drops on your face and gently dab to feel refreshed. Do you know of any other ways rose water can help?