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How to be a Good Team Player

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How to be a Good Team Player

For success, whether it is an enterprise, a game or even politics, a good and cohesive team is important.

Team work is very important in a corporate set up. All team members need work towards the goal in unison; otherwise the path to accomplishment of the goal can be fraught with difficulties. Here are ways to become a good team player:  

Qualities of a good team player

  • In a team, all members should do their respective tasks diligently and on time. A reliable member who is keen on completing his tasks and meets his commitments can be counted on to deliver consistent performance all the time.
  • A good team player communicates effectively and constructively. Honest communication without ruffling feathers is important to move any project forward.
  • To be a great team player, you need to be a good listener. For accomplishment of the group’s goals, it is imperative that the team player listens, comprehends and considers the viewpoints of other team members without arguing constantly and also accepts criticism.
  • In successful groups, we can observe that all team players are active participants, prepared well for team meetings; they listen actively and speak confidently during discussions. They are completely aware of the group’s goal and tasks and take initiatives to facilitate the progress of the group’s assignments. Every team player contributes effectively and is not a passive squatter.
  • In groups fraught with communication issues, we find that team players work in a clandestine manner with the objective of projecting themselves. A good team, on the other hand, has players who share information, knowledge and experience and ensure that all members are well-informed so that the job gets done. Surprises and disasters are averted when members actively share information.
  • A team cannot function successfully if members do not cooperate. In a good team, members are cooperative despite differences with other team members in terms of perspective and style.
  • Flexibility in approach is essential for cooperation as well as to embrace change, without which there can be no progress. Change is constant and it is important to be flexible and embrace change. A recalcitrant team member is a liability to the team. Flexibility to accept differences and compromise when required are qualities an effective team member is equipped with, despite being firm in their conviction and thoughts.
  • Commitment is an essential ingredient in a strong team player, which is displayed through their actions in accomplishing the task at hand before the deadline. A committed team member is punctual, keeps deadlines, puts in sincere effort and also inspires other team members to do the same.
  • Problem-solving skills is an added advantage for a strong team player. A member who is dynamic and has a problem-solving approach is a great advantage to the team. The problem-solving team member also collaborates with others in the team and forms action plans to find solutions.
  • A good team player has exemplary personal qualities too. Such a team player respects fellow members of the group and treats them with courtesy and politeness. He strives to understand other team members and extends unconditional support to all in the team to enable the task to be accomplished. A good team player is committed to win and is highly motivated to see the team succeed. To be a good team player you also need to adopt a professional approach and if you can laugh at yourself and make others laugh, then remember, you will be a sure-fire winner!
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