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We all know gold is a symbol of prosperity and a great investment. But with gold prices rising, may people are a bit flummoxed about whether they should go for gold or invest their money elsewhere. So, here we tell you why gold is always a favorite!

Gold is highly liquid and transferable as a security or asset. And for Indians, it’s always been a safe asset. Gold is worth investing in because you can liquidate it at ease.


More than an investment, it is a security that appreciates over time. It is a strong asset and its value will never depreciate significantly. The market may have its ups and downs but over time, the value of gold is bound to appreciate. It can be converted to cash anytime when an emergency arises and its value will not go down.

Great in times of market volatility:

Also, when there is instability in the market, the prices of gold go up. And with markets being volatile, it’s always a good idea to invest in gold.

Go for coins:

Gold coins are a great investment and security. If you can’t decide on a piece of jewelry or a pattern, it is wise to buy coins which can be exchanged at a later date. You get the advantage of buying at a lower price. Many jewelry shops have annual investment plans. You can invest an affordable amount every month and buy a significant piece of jewelry or gold coins for the money that has been accumulated.

shutterstock_323449478Always in fashion:

Gold will never go out of fashion in India. From time immemorial, gold has ruled, not just as currency or investment, but for its ornamental value. We all have valuable heirlooms – antique but beautiful pieces of jewelry passed on to us through generations. Every time you wear one of those, you are wearing a piece of history. And, have you noticed, people always go gaga when you wear an antique piece. And with contemporary lightweight jewelry becoming popular, you can wear gold every day and not just for special occasions. Chic, elegant designs are available, which go with Indian and Western wear. There’s such an attractive range of gold jewelry for men and women.

Status symbol:

And, gold will always, always be a status symbol. Our Indian weddings are a prime example – the bride is bedecked in gold and most guests are peering with great curiosity to see the bridal jewelry! For many families, decking out their daughter in her bridal finery is a way to reveal their status in society.

An enduring gift:

And, last but not the least, gold is a precious gift item – whether from father or mother to daughter, husband to wife or grandparents to a grandchild. It is something that is cherished and appreciated forever.

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