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Give Your Brain a Workout with Some Cool Online Games

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Playing online games can give your mind a quick workout, relax you and even challenge you. Just remember not to get addicted!

Lately, online games have been at the receiving end of some really bad press. Nevertheless, there are some online games that can give your brain a good workout and help you to stay mentally fit. Plus, they are loads of fun!

Lumosity: A product of Lumos Labs in California, this is a very popular online program that consists of games that are targeted at improving the user’s memory, attention and problem-solving skills. Depending on the cognitive goals, the game sessions can be tailored and changed and the user’s progress can be tracked. In addition, the user can also compare his performance with other users.

Peak: Peak, which has been developed in collaboration with experts at Yale and Cambridge, is a game that has advanced features that focus on developing very specific cognitive skills. It also has a large collection of mini games that improve memory, attention and mental flexibility. These games are quick and easy to fit into the tightest of daily schedules.


Fits Brain Trainer: With a collection of more than 360 brain training games, this program aims to stretch your mental abilities by giving your brain a strenuous workout. This brain trainer can adjust your skill level as your proficiency increases so that you are constantly challenged and motivated to improve. Your progress is charted and the program offers training recommendations for better results. 


Elevate: Elevate is a brain trainer that takes a practical approach to mind training and correlates it to improving skills for everyday life. The games focus on specific problems that users face like writing a mail or doing daily calculations and works at improving the user performance in these areas. Elevate has simple, clear visuals and loads of mini games that test math, comprehension, memory and focus.


Personal Zen: This game seeks to reduce stress by training your brain to see the world in a more positive light; this ability is the key to building resilience and overcoming adversity.  Against a backdrop of soothing music, two animated characters – a friendly one and an angry one- burrow through a field of grass. The smiling character leaves a trail which you must follow with your finger. The aim of the game is to get your brain more attuned to focusing on the positive character rather than the negative one.

While brain training games may not live up to some of the tall claims made by their developers, they are certainly a fun way to keep the mind active and sharp.