Get Into the Christmas Spirit

The festive season can be a busy one. Here are some tips to help you get into the spirit of things.

The bells are ringing, the elves are working overtime to get the gifts ready and the holiday season is just around the corner. Neighborhoods, churches and shops have started preparations in full swing, have you? With hectic schedules, lots of loose ends to be tied up and Christmas being just around the corner, we can understand if you are lagging a bit behind in bringing home the Christmas cheer.

Here is some help on what you can do:

Lighten up

It is time to dust off all the lanterns, mason jars with candles and fancy LEDs from the attic. A lit-up reindeer or Santa figures in your garden alongside icicle lights hanging from the roofline makes a very pretty picture in the evenings.

Upcycled decorations

This is the time of the year to show off those Christmas crafts that you have been working on. Bells and singing cherubs from egg cartons, snowflakes from buttons, holiday wreaths from plastic bags, magazines or even tin cans, the list is endless, and the Internet is a treasure trove of such creativity. Involve your kids in helping you make decorations. This saves money and teaches the future generation to reuse and upcycle. Dig up all the old Christmas cards to be hung around in strategic locations or cut out the best ones to be hung on the tree.

Decorate the Christmas tree

Decorate an artificial one to liven up the living room. As an alternative, decorate a tree in your own garden and let the cheer begin at your doorstep.

Bring some holiday spirit into home décor

Get your furniture to reflect the gaiety in simple ways. Tie red and green ribbons around cushions and curtains. Go in for Christmas-themed bed sheets. Add some Christmas fragrance using peppermint flavored hand-wash in your bathrooms and have fresh pine boughs strung along banisters. Cinnamon-scented candles in the traditional colors make the dining space cozy and festive.

Spread the good cheer

Send Christmas cards the good old way: by snail mail with handwritten messages to all friends and relatives. Nothing is more heartwarming than a personal touch instead of a mass greetings message sent by email or on WhatsApp.

Bake up a storm

Let the aroma of freshly-baked cookies and cakes waft in the air as the entire family pitches in with the baking traditions. Let the kids also help you out even if it gets messy. Spending time with family makes Christmas much more memorable

Go carol singing

Let carols and other Christmas songs play all day. There’s nothing better than music to uplift tired spirits and spread a real Christmas feel. Put together a small troupe with friends and family and visit an orphanage or old-age home to spread some cheer.

Start shopping early

Start your Christmas shopping early on. It will help you avoid sky-high prices. Take time to buy thoughtful gifts that will be treasured by your beloved ones.

Do some soul searching

Yes. After the external decorations, it is time to clean your inner selves. Get rid of negativity. Abstain from a vice during the wait for baby Jesus. It will heal your body and cleanse your mind.

You don’t have to wait till the last minute to indulge in any of these activities. Beginning right at the start of December will see you build your way up to enjoying the holidays.