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How to Get the Best Out of Your Fitbit


A Fitbit is a wearable activity tracker that measures your daily activities including exercise, sleep and food intake. A fitness product that personalizes your workout experience can improve your health by keeping you motivated enough to accomplish your fitness goals.

Get motivated

As a Fitbit user, you can set daily goals in terms of the number of steps, distance in miles, stairs climbed or calories consumed. You can compete against yourself, setting new targets and challenging yourself to beat your previous best figures. By using the adventures and challenges added to the Fitbit app, motivating yourself to hit the targets should not be too difficult.

Get competitive

Fitbit allows you to link up with your friends’ Fitbit profiles through the app. You can set challenges and compete with friends, gaining badges and milestone awards for success. However, when you want to keep the competition healthy, you can ‘cheer’ your friends to keep them going. Either way, the social element to your workout is sure to help you push yourself further.

Get accurate

Fitbit SmartTrack makes the data more accurate by recognizing and logging in popular sports like walking, running, cycling and even swimming. Fitbit readings are affected by the hand on which you are wearing it, since there is extra movement from the dominant hand. If you feed in this data into the app, this factor will be accounted for, making the workout stats even more reliable and accurate. If you have lost some workout data because the battery ran out of juice, you can still add the data by feeding in the details of the exercise routine. The app will calculate and log in the lost steps or distance into the daily record.

Track downtime

Fitbit tracks your sleep data via the sleep tracking mode. The sleep feature also has a ‘sensitive’ mode which records every little movement you make while asleep. If you forget to log into sleep mode, Fitbit can still calculate the sleep data if you manually feed in your bedtime and waking up time. The alarm function on the Fitbit can be used to wake you up in the morning or it can be used to remind you of little health improvement measures like drinking water at regular intervals or getting up from the desk every hour for a little walk.

Track calories

Fitbit tracks your calorie intake and burn, allowing you to set weight goals based on calorie estimate. If you log in your food intake and activities accurately, the app will continually adjust the calorie count and inform you of how much more you can eat to stay within limit that you have set.

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