Family in front of Christmas tree

Fun Ideas with the Family This Christmas

Christmas with the family does not have to involve the usual activities of caroling and roast chicken. Here are some fun ways to spend Christmas with the family.

There is so much more to celebrating Christmas than the upkeep of traditions and those annual parties. Christmas of 2016 can be done differently and in novel ways to make this Yuletide one that is truly memorable.

  • Go Christmas tree hopping with the family. Check out the lovely illuminations in the neighborhood with the whole family. Check out the creative cribs and innovative lights at friends’ places and churches.
  • Craft your own gift-wrapping paper and go gift hunting with your family members. Buy each other gifts and have fun wrapping them in your handmade wrapping paper.
  • Visit ailing relatives and spend a day celebrating Christmas with them.
  • Try Christmas recipes of different cultures. If you are brave enough, adopt a foreign cuisine this year. From the appetizers to the desserts, try out something new and yummy.
  • Singing Christmas carols happens every year. This year, include children from broken families or orphanages. Form a special choir group and take them around your neighborhood.
  • Organize a Christmas party at an old-age home. Decorate the place and have easy games for the senior citizens.
  • A Christmas movie marathon is the best way to welcome Christmas. Gather all your pals and watch Christmas movies. Each member of the group can host a movie party each day of the week. Make it more fun with a potluck.
  • Make upcycled Christmas cards. You can show off your creativity by creating an online blog with pictures of your special cards and explain how you made them.
  • Check whether there are communities facing crisis during this time of joy. Try to make their Christmas better by helping them overcome their problems to a small degree at least. There may be areas that have faced natural disasters or other social issues. Lend a helping hand. Online communities can be set up to help mitigate effects of the disaster.
  • Organize decorating competitions at your church or community hall. Children can decorate different trees and the best team’s tree becomes the centerpiece. Christmas trees can be made of anything too! Adults can have crib-making competitions in the neighborhood with prizes for the most innovative take on Jesus’s birth.
  • Read the Christmas story to your kids and have them enact the roles during Advent. You can invite their friends over and have a small cookie party to go with the reading.
  • Going away on a holiday is also a great idea. Celebrate Christmas with your family in a place you have not visited before, where each experience becomes novel and memorable. Make all reservations beforehand and check out reviews online.
  • Have a baking session. Everyone gets to bake their favorite dessert, be it cookies, cakes or cupcakes. Friends can share their recipes and exchange the goodies after baking.