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Fifteen Ways to Clear Household Clutter

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Fifteen Ways to Clear Household Clutter

Clutter is something we have to deal with on a regular basis. The key is to keep it minimal by being more organized, more disciplined and more…clutter-free!

Some ways to clear your household clutter would be:

  1. Keep a file for all the paper around the house – shopping lists, catalogs, school circulars and bills.
  2. Get rid of all the notebooks with phone numbers. You might have not looked at it ever since the smartphone entered your life.
  3. Save on space for DVDs and music CDs by slipping them through CD albums. Recycle the empty cases.
  4. Cupboards get more space and appear neater when heavy clothing like sweatshirts and woolens are rolled instead of folded.
  5. Have a huge basket for all the sundry stuff lying around the house. The unread magazine, the ball in the balcony or the guest’s forgotten umbrella goes into it.
  6. Do not have the beautiful bowl that your sister gifted stand with the rest of your curios. Use it on your dresser to drop your watch, accessories and lipsticks cluttering up the shelf.
  7. Hang up your kitchen towels on towel bars or hooks drilled into your kitchen cabinets.
  8. Keep your kitchen counters and dining table empty when not in use. It will give the room a larger and neater look.
  9. Hang a multipurpose letter rack at the entrance of the house. This can be used for keys and important mail. Junk mail should go straight into the recycle bin and never to the rack.
  10. The shoe rack is for regular shoes and slippers. Shoes used on occasions should be neatly placed in their boxes, in the loft.
  11. Hanging clothes in the wardrobe is a good way to save space. Keep a count of the hangers and any clothing exceeding the count should be donated.
  12. Using compartmentalized boxes or a number of small boxes in drawers keeps small things like ties, socks, batteries, hair clips, bands and bangles segregated, organized and handy.
  13. Stop hoarding books. Children’s books can be given away to the library and old textbooks sold. For recipes, stop splurging on cookbooks and look them up on the net.
  14. Give generously to your house help and charity. The many mugs you got as gifts on various occasions will finally be used.
  15. Organize a de-cluttering program every six months. Be merciless with yourself and discard the stuff you have not used in those six months.

Use minimally, spend diligently and hoard not at all. Welcome to a clutter-free life!