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Fabric Fundas for Your Home


Fabric Fundas for Your Home

The furnishings in your room – curtains, upholstery, table linen, bed covers – can make a dramatic change to your home…

Through colour coordination and a careful selection of designs, patterns and fabrics, a room or a home can be transformed. Today, with improved technology and the survival of centuries-old traditional skills and techniques, there is a wonderful assortment of gorgeous fabrics to suit varied tastes and budgets. All one requires is oodles of imagination!

Fabric is possibly the most exciting and nifty way of covering and enhancing the surfaces of furniture.  Upholstering, draping, cushioning – fabric comes alive when used imaginatively.  From the finest, flimsiest linen to intricate, brocaded velvet, the power of fabric in beautifying and transforming furniture is endless.

There is also a huge array of accessories like braids, buttons and trimmings to jazz up a piece of fabric, define the curve of a sofa or highlight the folds of curtains.

A room can be transformed with curtains. Light, gossamer-like curtains give an airy, open feel to a room. Heavy drapes in rich fabric give a feeling of luxury. Dark curtains in a bedroom shut out unnecessary sunlight. Bright curtains can perk up a room, and curtains in shades of lime-green, pale yellow and sky blue have a soothing effect. The range of curtains is quite stunning from ordinary ones to pleated to box pleats, to French café curtains – to name just a few. They can be made even prettier with pelmets, trimmings, tassels and tie-backs.

shutterstock_406517023Some tips on curtains and furnishings

  • When selecting fabric, let your imagination run free. You don’t need to go for traditional upholstery only. Look for ethnic fabrics, cut-up saris, try suede…the list is endless! This could apply to both furnishings and curtains.
  • New fabrics can be created by mixing and joining old pieces together, like patchwork.
  • Borders and edges can be created by using strips of other cloth, or beads or ribbons.
  • Try combining different weight fabrics – for instance, strips of wool between narrow lengths of cotton.
  • Fabrics can be decorated with beads, fringes and tassels to create interesting patterns.
  • Get creative – combine checks and paisley, dots and stripes, florals with checks…
  • Get inspired with cushions – try different types of cushion covers like tie-ons, smocked covers, boxed cushions, bolsters and round cushions. Have cushions in different sizes and shapes. Mix and match them with a riot of fabrics for an arresting look!
  • Combine lace or sheer curtains with heavy drapes for a rich look.
  • Brightly-coloured, checked French café curtains are like an instant pick-me-up in the kitchen.

Curtains and soft furnishings are the elements that bring a home to life. They add warmth, comfort and infuse the house with the personality of the owner. Unleash your imagination and go for unusual fabrics and combinations. Wake up to a beautiful home every day!

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