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Exercise at Home

Exercise at Home

Exercise at Home

Find it tedious to navigate traffic and head to the gym or aerobics routine? Do it at home

One often meets people who are averse to exercising at a gym, taking aerobics classes or even jogging or walking. The reasons are many.  Lack of time is the most quoted excuse.  Travelling to a gym, class or club can take time and is very often tiresome, especially in today’s scenario where traffic chaos can add years of stress to one’s already stressed life! Many people, women are not comfortable exercising in front of others, especially if they are very obese. Some people are apprehensive that they may appear clumsy or ungraceful to others, especially in aerobics or dance classes or find that that they cannot keep up with the tempo. If you fall into any of these categories, exercising at home might just be the answer that you have been looking for.

What makes home exercising so popular is the fact that you can try out different workout routines in the comfort and privacy of your own home – from weight training, yoga and Pilates to aerobics and dancing. All this without worrying about how you look and at your own pace. There are so many options available; you can get information from books, VCDs, DVDs and the Internet and with the wide range of options that are available, you needn’t ever get bored.

Exercising at home has many advantages which include:

  • Not having to pay fees for classes, club membership or the gym. The worst scenario is when you pay up and don’t go. Also, those with no fixed work hours miss out on classes very often because they can’t make it on time. And when you pay steep fees for these facilities, and you don’t use it, it hurts!
  • Not having to wait impatiently while someone else uses the machine at the gym
  • Not having to worry about your child/spouse/dinner while working out.
  • Being able to listen to your choice of music while exercising. For instance, I detest trance music and nothing puts me off more than hearing it blast from the speakers at a gym. At home, I can even play music of my choice
  • Exercising any time that you want to. This is a major plus over any form of classes because if you miss the class, you miss it. At home your timings are more flexible.
  • You are not dependent on the weather be it the sizzling summers or pouring rain.
  • Best of all, you needn’t be self-conscious about how you look.

Exercise at Home1However, be warned there are pitfalls too.

  • When you have paid for a service, chances are you will attempt to make it to the gym/classes etc. At home, there is no such motivation; the temptation to procrastinate will loom over you!
  • Whatever form of exercise you are doing, you need to follow the instructions carefully; otherwise you could end up injuring yourself.
  • There will be no one to guide you at home. Also, at a class or in the gym, the instructor will push you to try harder. At home, you may be tempted to take the easy way out.

So how do you start on your exercise routine?

  • Read up books on the different types of exercise and select routines that appeal to you. (If you have a medical problem or you are over forty and embarking on an exercise program for the first time or after a long break, please consult your doctor.)
  • Invest in exercise equipment; it could be weights, a rowing machine, exercise-cycle, a stepper or even a treadmill. If you have space and can afford it, you could even buy a gym station. However, be sure that you use the equipment for exercise, not as a clothes rail or as a place to dump junk!
  • Set a time to exercise. You may not follow it every day, but it will act as a guideline.
  • Make sure that you are not distracted. Switch off your mobile, don’t answer the phone and instruct your family members not to disturb you.
  • Ideally, go to a gym/aerobics class/yoga course for a few months till you are confident of the routine and then begin exercising at home.

The going may be tough initially, but once you fall into a routine, you will find yourself enjoying it. Vary the routine to avoid boredom. The only thing you will need in abundance is oodles of willpower! Good luck!

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