2017 Silhouette young man Happy for 2017 new year

Exciting Ways to Make 2017 Extra Special

In 2017, forgo complacency and take up the challenge of an exciting, fun-filled year ahead

The New Year is almost upon us and the time has come to take stock of the year gone by. There have been some hits and misses, but everything that has happened will help one become a better person. As New Year is synonymous with resolutions, why not decide to live life to the fullest in the coming year. There are many different ways in which we can make 2017 a hip and happening year…

Here are some exciting ideas:

  1. Get a makeover: This New Year, be daring and get a complete makeover. Change your regular style and try something different. You can get a new haircut, change your style of dressing, or try on new makeup. Sometimes, a change from the regular is what the doc ordered to make life exciting.
  2. Take risks: If you have been a cautious person all through your life, 2017 is the year to change that. This year, throw caution to the winds and take risks. Do something you have always wanted to do but, were scared to. It could be anything… learning to drive, go bungee jumping, go on a river rafting trip… Just go for it and enjoy!
  3. Organize get-togethers: This year, make time for family and friends by organizing parties and get-togethers at regular intervals. Family bonding over food, drinks and games will not only keep one’s spirits up, it will create precious memories for a lifetime.
  4. Plan an adventure trip: An adventure trip means lots of thrills and excitement. As 2017 approaches, plan an adventure trail for the holidays. Look up different places, do your research and plan for an exciting outing with friends. Planning for the trip is just as exciting as the actual holiday.
  5. Find happiness in small things: It doesn’t take much to be happy. This New Year, make the resolve to find happiness in small things like a good meal, quality time with your family and friends, a book well-read, an enjoyable movie among others.