Summer weddings are sought after in countries endowed with a cool climate, but can be quite daunting for their tropical counterparts. Nevertheless, feisty Indians are known to beat the heat and vote to tie the knot under a scorching sky. This choice can be mostly attributed to auspicious reasons and desired mahurats.

A wedding always spells excitement tinged with apprehension owing to the umpteen preparations. It is a festive occasion no doubt that triggers a frenzy of shopping, planning events, choosing the venue, selecting the menu, fixing the hairdresser, beautician and…planning the trousseau!

But you can make it a special experience by planning ahead and being well organized. One of the major tasks that requires special attention is putting together the bride’s trousseau. And if it is for a summer bride, it is to be done with care and attention to every detail. A summer bride needs more than the staple cottons, sunscreen and light hues.

The first step in planning a summer bride’s trousseau is to always keep a paper and pen handy. Jot down an item you suddenly remember, spot at a showroom window, get reminded on seeing in a cousin’s wedding album; the list will definitely be a savior. The list will help you distinguish things you need from the things you want. It will thus keep you from going overboard and prevent you from a frantic and exasperating search from a pile that also contains non-essential items.

Some of the essential items that are a must in a summer bride’s trousseau would be:
  • The focal point of any wedding is the wedding outfit. Great care and thought goes into choosing this outfit particularly in summer. The bride being the center of attraction has to look as well as feel good. So be liberal with the time taken to zero in on the right attire. Choose a radiant color made out of a fabric that allows you to move and breathe comfortably. The make-up should be water proof and jewelry light but outstanding. This way you will enjoy the outfit without having to put up with the discomforts of the traditional wedding clothing.
  • For the pre- and post-wedding events, limit the heavy outfits. Elaborate outfits look grand no doubt but the heat can be a big damper. When the question, ‘what is the biggest myth related to trousseau shopping?’ was posed to Neeta Lulla, the costume designer and fashion stylist, in an interview, her reply was, “Buy heavy clothes and heavy accessories, as the trousseau should look presentable.” You do have comfier yet more regal choices to fill your trousseau. Choose something in cotton or crepe or a blended fabric. You can always take your pick from elaborately embroidered kurtas, flowy salwar kameezes or some elegant designer wear.
  • You have to stack your wardrobe with some simple jeans, blouses and tops that will provide much-needed relief from the elaborate dressing required for wedding functions. These are for when all the major functions are done with and you can dress informally.
  • Lingerie is another vital part of a bride’s trousseau. Choose carefully. Definitely go for the fancy ones; as a bride you are entitled. But also go for comfort as nothing can be as irksome as ill-fitting lingerie.
  • Choosing the right footwear is equally important. Go for comfort along with style. If you are wearing heels do not try something new since it is your wedding. You are likely to be at your uncomfortable worst if the heels give you an aching back and sore feet. Have a set of flats or sandals and heels to suit all kinds of outfits accordingly.
  • The next must-haves of your wardrobe are bags and cases. Choose roomy suitcases with pockets to hold your extras – belts, scarfs or perfumes. Large suitcases ensure that your outfits do not get wrinkled and prevent the case from being overstuffed. Carry two or three evening bags that can hold accessories, make-up kits and the other outfits that will be needed for post-wedding socializing. And do not forget to shop for a shoulder bag and a clutch that can accessorize fittingly as the occasion demands.
  • The trousseau list should include honeymoon essentials. Once the destination is decided on, it is prudent to add this list to your wedding shopping. For a beach destination, choose summer dresses, cottons, slip-ons and swimsuits. If it is a hill station then it has to be jackets, woolens and shoes. Both destinations need a chic pair of sunglasses, sunscreen lotion and…romance of course!
  • For the Indian bride, the quintessential saree is a staple of her trousseau. Arrange in order the saree ensemble of inner skirts and blouses as well as the accessorizing jewelry for each saree. If possible, have a separate case to carry these.
  • Last but not the least, have a folder for your identification proof like passport and Aadhar card besides your credit card and pack it. You would not call this part of the classic bridal trousseau but it has be included for all practical purposes.

A wedding is a cherished affair be it summer or winter. Make it special and memorable by having the perfect bridal trousseau to suit the season.