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Dressing Tips for the Home Entrepreneur

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Just because you work from home, that doesn’t mean you dress sloppily.

As an entrepreneur you could be working from home or be operating from a co-working space or a small office. Maybe you meet a lot of clients or you could be one of those who works in isolation, occasionally meeting clients or vendors. Nevertheless, that is not a license to dress sloppily.

Even if you’re sitting at home and pounding the keys on your keyboard that’s no excuse to loll around in your PJs! You could be a home baker but that doesn’t mean you need to wear that old t-shirt with holes or those ratty shorts!

It’s important to dress smart. Since you’re not in a corporate set up, you don’t need to be in smart suits or calf-killing stilettoes but Bermuda’s or faded flip-flops can be avoided. Wear comfy but smart clothes.  Do you know – many studies have revealed that how we look affects the way we act, look or feel. And if you dress sloppily, chances are your thought process will be chaotic and disorganized. And if you are running a business, you need to be on the ball, not all over the place.

I work from home and initially I gave into the temptation to lounge around in the oldest, most comfortable clothes. But, after a point, I felt like a slob! So I follow a routine every day – after a bath, I get into something decent, I apply kajal and lip gloss and slip my feet into matching footwear. (Yes, I confess, I have many pairs of flat-heeled slip-ons in different colors and styles!). This is non-negotiable for me. I find that dressing up preps me for my work day. It’s not that I wear fancy clothes, but I wear tops or tees that I like – that are smart or pretty. It makes me feel good, which means that I work better.

So, how do you dress when you don’t need to impress? Here are some tips:

Shave and shower in the morning.

Shave & shower: Your morning ablutions are very important. Sitting unbathed and unshaved will only serve to make you feel lethargic. So set yourself a schedule and before getting down to work make sure that you are sparkling clean and smelling good!

Apply makeup.

Makeup: This is an individual choice for women. But a light gloss and eye-liner will help you feel prettier and hence more confident. You could even douse on a mild perfume to lift up your mood.

Invest in some good jeans.

Comfy jeans: Yes, invest in a few pairs in different colors. This is for both men and women. Pair them with comfortable t-shirts or short-sleeved tops or shirts. If the weather is too hot where you live for jeans, get yourself chinos or cotton or linen pants.

Elastic pants are also fine.

Drawstring pants or elasticized pants: Yes, you are allowed to wear these when you work from home because they are super comfy. But that doesn’t mean pajamas!

Skirts are a woman's best friend.

Skirts: Cotton skirts are ideal wear for women when they are at home. They are pretty, they are comfy and they are cool. You don’t need to wear tight skirts with slits – go for the more flowy ones that fall just below your knees.

Sandals are a good option for men.

Footwear: Nothing like comfortable sandals for men to slip into. Women too can invest in pretty sandals or ballet shoes.

T-shirt are a great go-to when at home.

T-shirts: This is for both men and women. Nothing spells comfort more than t-shirts. Men can choose between collared t-shirts and open-neck ones. For women, there’s such a marvelous choice out there. Pair it with jeans, chinos or a skirt and you are good to go – well-dressed, comfortable and confident!

Always have formals clothes ready

Always have formal wear pieces: At some point you will be interacting with the outside world – be it clients or customers, meetings you have to attend, or that fancy dinner.  Invest in a couple of blazers and formal trousers and shoes. This is for the men. Women – you have so many options from smart dresses, a skirt-and-blouse ensemble, a pretty salwar set or a silk sari. You can’t meet prospective customers in clothes that are too casual.

Remember, you need to dress for success. And this rule applies whether you work in an office or at home. The advantage is that at home you don’t need to wear constricting, uncomfortable clothes, But, you need to dress well.  By wearing clothes for work, you put your mind in work mode, boost your confidence and look good. So just do it!