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Dress for Success

They say that first impressions are the best impressions and this is especially true of relationships you forge at work. In today’s competitive workplace you should use every weapon in your arsenal of talents to get ahead. So ensure that you dress for success with these great tips from our resident fashion and etiquette experts.

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Let’s get to the bottom of this then – does one really need to dress well at work?  The answer is a resounding yes! And this isn’t just because old Polonius went on about how to dress in Hamlet – the origins of the statement ‘Clothes maketh the man’ can be traced to him in Shakespeare’s famous play; it’s about presenting yourself in the best possible manner. Dressing appropriately and neatly is something that every employer wants from their employees, whether you’re a delivery person or a doctor. You may not know it but most organizations have a dress code prescribing ‘appropriate attire’ for their staff. The intention behind this, of course, is to ensure that employees come to office in clean and suitable workwear. And with online shopping offering great bargains on great clothes, ladies and gentlemen it’s time you charge your debit cards and let the shopping begin…

The Capsule Work Wardrobe

  • shutterstock_355265237A crisp full-sleeved white shirt and a well-fitting pair of black trousers are a must in every working professional’s wardrobe. Yes, you heard right both men and women.
  • Men should invest in a pair of black formal shoes and some discreet cuff links which are either silver or gold-plated. For a meeting or a presentation add a bright cobalt blue tie. Top it off with a matching custom-tailored black jacket (another investment you won’t regret) for an important meeting.
  • Ladies, add a pair of trendy black kitten heels to your black and white workwear.
  • Both men and women can add a discreet watch – perhaps a large dial with classy faux leather straps and carry a smart laptop bag to a meeting.
  • Look to own five sets of clothing for your five-day work week but buy only high quality, classic wardrobe staples.
  • Men should own a pair of slate grey and navy trousers, along with a few solid-colored shirts (pale blue, cream and black). Also, buy a pair of regular-fit jeans in dark denim and a couple of polo T-shirts for ‘Casual Friday’ at work.
  • shutterstock_400577857Ladies, you can also wear crisp cotton sarees to work and perhaps an elegant tussar silk for a board meeting. Simple pearl or diamond studs and a pale pink liptick are all the accessories you will need. You can also add a few long-sleeved kurtas to your wardrobe and team them with palazzos for some ethnic chic.
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