dream bathroom

Your Dream Bathroom

It may sound indulgent and decadent but doesn’t the idea of a dream bathroom sound appealing. This much-abused room is on duty 24-hours a day! It’s used by the family and visitors too. Doesn’t it deserve some sprucing up and beautification? In apartments, unless it’s a luxurious duplex or one of those posh sprawling ones, space maybe limited. Your bathroom design will also be dictated by budget constraints. Nevertheless, here are a few pointers to add a touch of glamour to brighten up the humble bathroom!

• A money plant in an attractive jar adds a refreshing touch of beauty.
• Hang some paintings on the walls or brighten up the room with some interesting posters.
• Use wicker baskets for storing towels and a covered one to throw in dirty clothes. Wicker baskets add an old-world charm to the surroundings.
• If you can afford designer tiles invest in them. They look gorgeous and give the room a glamorous feel.
• If you can’t afford fancy tiles, get colored tiles to add a border or interesting relief.
• An interesting mirror with an attractive border or an unusual shape can be the focal point of the bathroom.
• Add some tea-lights and a vase of flowers or attractively packaged potpourri. The potpourri and candles will give the bathroom a pleasant aroma.
• Get wall cabinets with display niches to exhibit some interesting bric-a-brac
• Invest in some luxurious, brightly colored towels. The room will sizzle!
• Conceal ugly windows with Venetian blinds or wooden blinds or even sheer curtains.
• If your bathroom is small, use transparent or translucent curtains to let light in.
• Remember, light colors make the space seem larger while dark colors will make it appear smaller. So buy tiles in accordance with the size of your bathroom.

Just get creative. The market has so much on offer. Look around and select stuff that is within your budget. Use your imagination to spruce up your bathroom and you will probably never feel like leaving the room!