Do’s and Don’ts of Bedroom Décor

A bedroom should be a beautiful, peaceful sanctuary where one can shut out the world.

The bedroom is our haven, a place to enjoy a restful sleep. Here are some suggestions to make your bedroom pretty and peaceful.


1.Storage: Make sure the bedroom is clutter-free with adequate storage. Apart from wardrobe space, you could go for modern furniture that has provisions for stashing away stuff. Bedside tables and dressing tables with adequate drawers and beds with storage space beneath can be a great boon.  Walk-in closets, though expensive, are a great way to keep your bedroom orderly. Wicker baskets or camphor chests at the foot of the bed are the ideal place to store linen.

2.Let in light: It’s always good to let in natural lighting into the bedroom. You could go in for sheers to let the sunlight in during the day and blackout blinds to keep the early morning light blocked out, especially on weekends when one favors a lie-in.

With artificial lighting, the overhead lighting should be sufficient to illuminate the entire room. Ensure there are bedside lamps to give each individual a choice to read late into the night. The dressing table should have adequate lighting as there is nothing more frustrating than having to apply makeup in poor light.

3.Choose colors carefully: Color is a powerful design tool, and experts advise opting for restful shades and a soothing, monochromatic palate to keep the mood subdued. Soft greens, blues and lavenders create a feeling of calmness and serenity, while rich, lush hues like persimmon, brown and amber envelop you in cozy warmth.

4.Invest in good-quality linen: There is nothing more conducive to a good night’s sleep than curling up on a comfortable set of sheets. Invest in cotton sheets with a high thread count. Choose your bedspreads according to the color scheme and match the cushions accordingly.


1.Avoid clutter: Avoid overcrowding the bedroom with books, candles, curios, cushions, magazines or anything that will gather a lot of dust in the long run. This way, your tranquil retreat will be clean and dust-free.

2.No electronic equipment: Ideally avoid having a television in the bedroom. And do make sure that gadgets like laptops and iPads stay out. When it’s bedtime, keep your smartphone away too. These gadgets will ruin your sleep and the bedroom will be far from the haven you meant it to be.

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Shailaja Padmanabhan
A tourism professional for 20 years, I was forced to take a sabbatical when my husband moved jobs. It turned out to be a blessing in some ways. I now exult in the luxury of time as my much-loved career had taken precedence over my family, home, health and friends. Slipping with ease into the role of domestic Goddess has not been easy. Mundane chores bore me to tears. Long distance parenting is what I enjoy the most- conversations with my 28-year-old son and 23-year-old daughter - lecturing them, cajoling them, scolding them and above all being a friend to them. My cat Kaddy and dog Zsa Zsa are my silent companions during the day, providing unconditional love in abundance. Pets are great stress busters provided you have systems in place for their care. Exercise is an integral part of my day, be it the gym or yoga. Bollywood dance classes are my passion. I have a confession to make - this Auntyji loves to dance :-)