Shine Bright like a Diamond: Diwali Make-Up Tutorial

Light up the room with your radiance this Diwali with just a little help from your trusted concealer and dazzling illuminator. We speak to beauty enthusiast and professional make-up artist, Krithika Ranjeet on the hottest trends and DIY tips for the festive season.

Add the little sparkle to your life this Diwali with these incandescent Diwali looks. Chennai-based make-up expert Krithika Ranjeet (35) tells us: “The make-up world is now obsessed with highlighters and thick brows. Use highlighters sparingly as too much could make one’s face shine like a disco ball. Most Indian women are blessed with thick eyebrows, so use feathery strokes and a light hand to fill in any scanty areas to give a more natural finish.”

Here’s how:

Diwali Look – All About the Browsimg_6743

Step 1: Clean and Moisturize

  1. Wash your face gently with your preferred foaming face wash. Remember to use a gentle circular motion to rub the face wash and wash your face with room temperature/cool water.
  2. If you’re feeling particularly tired, splash some cold water (straight out of the fridge) onto your face.
  3. Apply moisturizer (we recommend products from Biotique, The Body Shop and L’Occitane) and follow with a primer (MAC and Benefit have great products; lacto calamine lotion also works). The main job of a primer is to help the make-up last longer without smudging.

Step 2: The Foundation

  1. Apply a concealer to cover your blemishes and age spots (if any) and some under-eye concealer to brighten your face.
  2. The next step is to use a liquid foundation. When shopping for concealers and foundations be extra vigilant with the shade you choose. Choose the shade that matches your skin tone. If you choose a shade too light, it ends up looking comical. Go shopping for this during the day (MAC, Benefit, Dior, Giorgio Armani, Maybelline and L’Oreal have the best foundations). Dab on the foundation and blend gently to create the perfect base. Don’t forget to dab the foundation onto your neck as well.

Step 3: The Brows and Eyes:

  1. Start with the windows to your soul. If you have used a face primer, then you may not need an eye primer. Choose a festive gold or orange shade on the eyelids and blend well (MAC, Maybelline and Shiseido have fabulous powder eyeshadow palettes)
  2. You can choose to use either eyebrow mascara or an eyeshadow palette to highlight your brows. Fill in the eyebrows, apply eyeliner/kajal to define your eyes.
  3. Finish your brows and eyes by applying mascara and curling the lashes as you do so.img_6745

Step 4: The Cheeks

  1. Choose a shimmery highlighter (Benefit, Inglot, Revlon and Nyx liquid illuminators have got great reviews) and dab it gently onto the top of your brow bone and to your cheekbones and blend for that added glow.

Step 5: Lips:

  1. Use a lip balm on your lips.
  2. Then choose a light pink or a nude shade of lipstick to complete your brow-centric Diwali make-up. Fill it in on your lined lips (pick a matching lip liner) for the final touch.

…And you’re certain to be the belle of the Diwali ball!!

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