Dressing up your home during Diwali can be a great experience if you can come up with original and exquisite décor that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

 Here are some ideas to get your house glowing and beautiful this Diwali. And what’s best…it’s super affordable!

  • Add radiance to your home with kaleidoscopic rangolis in intricate patterns with motifs of birds, flowers, deities, symbols and geometrical figures. Better still, match your rangolis to your Diwali theme! Use colorful flowers like marigold and red roses to decorate the rangolis and add a dash of festive aura.
  • Diwali illumination can be monotonous and expensive. Think of affordable ideas to light up your homes. Pick up earthen lamps or diyas and paint them in different colors well before Diwali. You can also paint patterns on the base color. Combine different colored diyas and light up your homes, an inexpensive option compared to electric lights.
  • An ethnic way of doing up your Diwali home is to use torans, embellishing them with beads, mirror pieces, colorful birds and idols of gods and goddesses, especially Lakshmi and Ganesha. Hang them up your doors and windows.
  • Pick up colorful paper lanterns or colored, scented candles from rural artisans and place them on mantles, windowsills, balconies, etc. Paper lanterns can substitute diyas. They last longer, need inexpensive oils, come cheap but look so beautiful when lit.
  • Place a few floating candles in bowls or urlis to enhance that magical festive feel.
  • Homemade wall hangings and danglers will give a free rein to your creativity. Rope in the kids; they will be excited and happy to contribute to the festive decoration.
  • Suspend wall hangings of Lakshmi and Ganesha. Wall hangings can be made from crochet work, beads, zari, embroidery designs and mirror work, plastic wires and various other materials.
  • Arrange little baskets of flowers and leaves as part of your Diwali décor.
  • Make your own gift boxes with gift paper or even newspaper, and fill them with homemade chocolates, sweets, diyas, wall hangings, floating candles or firecrackers.
  • If you are planning a Diwali bash, go for a potluck party. This will cut your expenses significantly.
  • With a few potted plants and aromatic incense sticks, you are ready to invite your guests to your divine Diwali home!
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Swati Amar
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