We subject our bodies to stress, bad eating habits and indiscipline. A detox diet is a perfect way to undo the damage caused by our carelessness.

Going on a short holiday helps the brain unwind and refreshes oneself. Meditation and cultivating hobbies help destress and rejuvenate the mind. What about the body?

We do shower attention and care on our body with elaborate beauty rituals. What about our invisible organ systems that reside within the physical structure? The internal organs also need a cleansing process.


Before proceeding on a detoxification regime, a doctor must be consulted in order to avoid health issues. Also, one should not be suffering from illnesses of any kind while attempting a detox diet. The kind of diet chosen differs between individual preferences and it is best one considers the most practical option instead of following celebrity fads.

While following a healthy plant-rich diet is the healthiest option, it may not always be practically possible. Therefore, a short detoxification process help the body get back on track.

Firstly, go organic. That means avoiding processed foods of all kinds. This may be difficult initially. Remember, it is important to eat food that provides energy throughout the day.

Drink adequate amounts of liquids and ensure that the body stays hydrated. However, added artificial sugars must be avoided. So the best bet would be sticking to fruit juices, green tea or chamomile tea and probiotic drinks.

Eating three regular meals along with salads and vegetable smoothies would help you satisfy hunger pangs. Include more of super foods (such as tuna, avocado, walnuts and so on) into your meals while avoiding simple carbohydrates such as rice or other flour-based dishes. Eat more fibrous food to allow a healthy bowel movement.

While following a detox diet, try not to indulge in heavy exercise as it may leave you more fatigued. Stick to relaxing your body through meditation and do a moderate amount of physical activity.

Try to avoid strain, pollution and negative emotions. Think positive, eat healthy and drink liberally.

A detox diet is something that you will have to ease into and through as well. Start small and work your way up.