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Design Podcasts You May Want to Make Note of

Design Podcasts To Subscribe To

Whether they are riding the subway or the bus, driving their car, lounging by the beach on vacation or prepping their dinner in their kitchen, the number of people choosing podcasts for company is on the rise. No wonder 2018 was labelled ‘the year of the podcast boom’! In the last two years alone, the number of podcast listeners all over the world have more than doubled, indicating that this trend is here to stay.

If you are a newbie podcast listener, it might be a little difficult for you to comprehend how an audio format could possibly aid somebody from the field of design, where visuals are deemed indispensable. Well, you’ll just have to listen to one to experience the magic it unravels! Here is our list of six design podcasts you are bound to enjoy listening to, thanks to the power of compelling audio content.

List of design podcasts.

Design Matters: It is impossible not to fall in love with Debbie Millman, the founder and host of Design Matters. No wonder Graphic Design USA named her ‘one of the most influential designers working today’. Her podcast is also the first and the longest-running (11 years and counting!) one pertaining to design. And, the quality of the content appears to be getting only more and more engrossing and insightful! Her interviewees range from artists, graphic designers, writers, art critics and creative directors to writers, poets, filmmakers and architects.

99% Invisible: Produced and presented by Roman Mars, 99% Invisible highlights interesting design processes that we tend to miss unless they are pointed out to us. It is free, and you can subscribe to it via their website or iTunes. Mars presents facts, instances from history and interviews individuals and presents it all in the form of a story that takes you down a path of exploring the nuances of everyday design and architecture.

Design Podcasts that are worth listening to.

Adventures in Design: Compared to 99% Invisible, designer/illustrator Mark Brickey’s feisty manner of speaking could take a little getting used to. Nevertheless, it does not take away from the pure genius that his show is. Targeted at self-employed creatives, Brickey interviews gifted professionals and amateurs from the field of design about their approach, expertise and the real-life struggles that every creative person faces, making the show extremely informative and relatable at the same time.

Design Details: If you are looking to start a career in product design, this podcast may very well be the perfect launchpad for you! From exploring design principles to catching up with talented graphic and UX/UI designers who are making ripples in their respective fields, hosts Brian Lovin and Marshall Bock know exactly how to get you hooked to this one.

Design podcasts that are worth listening to.

Accidental Creative: This one is not just for designers looking to hone their skills, it is for everybody seeking to become a better version of their current selves. Todd Henry and his guests share inspiring lessons and actionable tips on creating habits, finding one’s true passion and nudge listeners into delving deep into their creative sides.

The Design of Business: This podcast serves as a constant reminder to all its listeners about the all-pervasive nature of design. Presenters Jessica Helfand and Michael Bierut, along with an array for distinguished guests from a variety of fields, explore how design works in a complex corporate environment. The narration seamlessly weaves in and out of the principles of design and how they play a significant role in helping businesses run.

With over 6,30,000 podcasts currently out there, it may get a little overwhelming to find the ones you would want to keep listening to. We have compiled this short list to help you tap into these resources so that you could gain new knowledge, perfect your skills, find solidarity and become a part of the vast community of designers and artists like you who are out there.