Family On Cycle Ride In Countryside

Cycle or Walk Wherever You Can

Staying active is the key to fitness. Work every muscle of your body at every possible opportunity. Walk, hike, climb or cycle, just keep yourself physically active.

Many people leading busy lives often complain that they do not have time for exercise. Exercise is not just about working out in a gym or swimming several laps in the pool. It is all about being physically active. Choose walking or cycling as a mode of transportation and see how many calories you burn while going about your daily business.

Some of the ways you can integrate walking and cycling into your life would be:

  • If your work place is at a reasonable distance from home, don’t think twice about walking or cycling there. Hide your car keys to resist the temptation to take it out. You can choose alternative days for cycling and walking. List out the benefits of this exercise and you will get easily hooked to this mode of transport. You avoid being stuck in traffic besides getting a healthier and fitter body. And you will definitely notice a fresher and more efficient you every day at work.
  • If you take public transport, try to get off one stop before your destination. Then walk. The exercise will do a world of good to your cardiovascular system. It helps in muscle tone development, lowering stress and blood pressure and reduction of risks to the heart.
  • Seize every opportunity to go on foot or pedal. You can take entries to the mall further away from the section you want to shop in, take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator or plan on window shopping instead of a trip to the movies. Organize cycling marathons or have fun with biking picnics with family or friends. You will find the activity relaxing and it will make you much sprightlier.
  • Don’t let the winter snow, monsoons or the blazing summer deter you. Invest in a nice pair of comfortable walking shoes or the latest bike as an incentive for walking and cycling even in slightly extreme weather conditions. The investment will pay off when you save on gas, parking fees, tolls or bus and train passes. And get you ahead on your wellness program too!
  • Go green by walking or cycling and do your bit for the environment. Statistics show that four miles of walking or cycling keeps out about seven kilograms of pollutants from the atmosphere.
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