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Curtain Raisers for Home Décor

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Repurposing is the new mantra in the earth-conservation conscious world of today. Curtains are the best old stuff that can be repurposed and recycled in myriad ways. This can help you amass huge savings in your annual housekeeping budget!

 Purpose of repurpose

You can be the harbinger of innovation in home management! After investing huge amounts in home fabrics to match your décor, it’s a little hard to throw away used curtains that tend to get worn out sooner than we expect.

Go ahead and use these creative ways to give your home a glam look by finding new functions for your used curtains.

Crazy curtain hacks for beautiful homes
  1. The best repurposing idea for used curtains is creating your own table linen. You can look at creating a table cover or a table runner as curtains have the right thickness as well as unique designs that can be converted into attractive table runners. You can make matching table napkins, placemats as well as teapot covers to go with the table runner. Mix and match if you have curtains of different designs. You can even look at a patchwork runner or table cloth. Sew some valences or lace to add aesthetics to the new table runner.


  1. Used curtains come in handy as kitchen linen. You can make a nice wraparound apron by threading a long ribbon through the top part of the curtain panel and tie around your waist, cutting it to the right length. Old valences make attractive aprons.
  2. Draft stoppers are attractive décor pieces used in cold countries to prevent cold air from seeping under your doors and windows. Make a tube matching the length of a window or door with the curtain cloth and fill it with sand or anything you can think of to make colorful draft stoppers that not only have functional value but also add to the aesthetics of your home.
  3. If you have a passion for a bed canopy, give your bedroom a makeover by creating a beautiful canopy over your bed using old curtains. Attach them to the ceiling using a rod and allow the curtains to hang over the bed.
  4. A great decorating hack is to make fabric garlands that add a touch of artistic splendor to your homes. If your curtains are colorful, cut them into strips and tie them together with attractive strings, ribbons or burlap strips.
  5. Curtains lend themselves easily to be converted to sturdy and robust market bags to carry your groceries or vegetables. You can attach long strips to hang the bags over your shoulder or make a pair of short handles. Reinforce the bottom of the bag with an extra piece of curtain for strength.
  6. Looking for a beach tote? Repurpose attractive old curtains. Make kaleidoscopic purses and clutches using old curtains. Curtains can make durable purses and totes.
  7. Exotic artwork can be created from curtains to hang as wall decorations or wall hangers. Curtains from kids’ rooms with cartoon characters or colorful designs can make cute wall decorative pieces for the kids’ room. Use your imagination to embellish the artwork any which way you want by sewing lace, beads, etc or create multi-hued artwork by using different patches.
  8. If you have open closet spaces at home, old curtains can be used as closet doors by hanging curtain rods on top of your closet doorway. Use burlap strips or colorful strings to tie the curtain doors.
  9. Curtains make for durable and robust pillow covers and attractive cushion covers. Choose colors that match the bedspread or curtains.
  10. You can actually make fluffy cushions using old curtains. Pick old curtains with bold and bright designs and sew them to make cushion covers. Stuff these up with soft foam or sponge or even cotton bales and you have colorful and fluffy cushions for your living room, dining room chairs or even outdoor furniture, kids’ rooms. If you have a divan or a couch, a bolster and cushions can do wonders to add an exotic touch to your living room.
  11. If you are passionate about crochet or knitting, make fabric yarns with sheer curtains by cutting them into strips and rolling into a yarn ball. You can use this to make a number of handicraft items.
  12. Old curtains come in handy as slip covers for chairs, couches, etc. Give a makeover to your living room using this inexpensive method of covering chairs and couches with slip covers made from colorful, used curtains. You can have two or three different sets to match the living room décor and keep changing the appearance of your living room.
  13. Create an attractive bulletin board for your home using a foam board and a used curtain, securing with staples, fabric glue or upholstery tacks.
  14. A pair of curtain panels can be used as fabric shower curtain to match your bathrooms.
  15. Create your own walk-in closet or little nook for a dressing space or even a computer alcove by using old curtains as room dividers.
  16. Remember granny’s astute ideas to tighten the purse strings? Curtains and bedsheets can be transformed into quilts of varying sizes to suit different family members, starting from babies to the tallest adult. Attractive quilts can be given away as gifts too.
  17. If you are an artistic handicraft enthusiast, use old curtain strips to make roses and use them to make hair bows, picture frames, curtain tiebacks or decorative flowers.
  18. Make little sachets out of old curtains and stuff with fragrant dried flowers. Sew up and keep them in your wardrobes.
  19. Make oven gloves, chapatti warmers, hamper bags, laundry bags, baby bibs, etc out of old curtains.
  20. Oval or rectangular pieces of curtains stitched with a thin sponge or foam leather sheet of the same dimension inside make colorful doormats.
  21. Stock up your kitchen closet with rags out of old curtains as they are always needed. Curtains are handy as kitchen napkins too.
  22. You can also make attractive toilet seat covers and toilet foot-mats using colorful used curtains.
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