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Content is King. But it’s Quality that Makes All the Difference!

As a budding entrepreneur, aim for content that is unique, relevant, interesting and better than anything else.

We all have heard the much-bandied-about term – content is king. In this digital era, where we are constantly communicating about our business and brand online, the importance of the above adage cannot be underestimated. Whether it is blogs, vlogs, information, podcasts, social media communication, webinars or infographics, the quality of your content is what is going to make your business stand out. The information highway is drowning in content so what is going to make a potential customer want to engage with yours?

As an entrepreneur, it will stand you in good stead to remember that good content is at the forefront of online marketing strategies. Content is king because:

  • It encourages engagement
  • It generates leads and sales
  • It can increase your SEO rating
  • It increases traffic to your website
  • It adds value to your product or service
  • It tells customers about your product or service.

Andrew Kucheriavy, Founder and CEO of Intechnic says, “Good content is what sets your website apart from the masses and delivers the right message into the hearts and minds of your customers. The success of your website is determined primarily by its content. Ultimately, content wins the wallets of your customers. All other components of your website (design, visuals, videos, etc.) provide a secondary support role. If you have effective taglines, great design will only enhance their effectiveness. Design itself does not sell.”

You may have invested in a website or have a Facebook or Instagram account for your business. But is that enough? No. Whatever digital medium you are using to engage with and draw in customers needs to be packed with interesting and relevant content. Sloppy, error-ridden blogs or posts, blurry visuals, a lack of information on your product or service…are all going to put off potential customers. A badly designed page that takes ages to load or one that is crammed with useless or ill-conceived content is most certainly not going to get a customer to engage with you.

So, as an entrepreneur, how do you craft quality content that is enticing, engaging and will drive traffic to your website?

Content is king, but quality is what matters.

Have a clear content strategy: What is it you want to communicate. Be very clear on that and keep it relevant to your brand – be it a product or service. If you are offering saris from across India, there is so much content you can generate – from local customs of the regions to weaving techniques to fashion tips to the need to promote handlooms. But find your niche and deliver clear content that will attract visitors to your website and entice them to try your product.

Add value: This is so very important. There’s tons and tons of content on the worldwide web. Google any topic and it throws up thousands of websites for you to peruse. If you want people to visit and stay on your website, you need to add value. For example, if you are selling vegan cakes, you need to tell customers what is so unique about your cakes. Provide extra info on the benefits of veganism, on how veganism is becoming popular across the world, tell them why your vegan cakes are special…

Let the world know what you are an expert at.

Let the world know about your industry knowledge: On the internet, when customers are engaging with you, they need to trust you. To gain that trust, they need to be assured that what you are offering is of value to them and that you know your industry well. If you are offering beauty services, tell them your credentials, your history, about your partners or employees and why they should avail of your services. After all, they are not meeting you in person. If they are assured that you know your industry and have the relevant experience, they will be willing to try you out.

Clearly state your USP: With so many businesses competing for clicks and eyeballs, your potential customer needs to know what makes you unique. Let’s say you are a photographer. What makes you special? What unique services do you offer? What sets you apart from the competition? Why should a customer choose you?

Target your content at specific audience.

Provide audience-specific content: You would have formulated a target audience for your business. Provide content that is targeted to them – stuff that they will enjoy reading or viewing, stuff that will engage them, stuff that will make them want to interact. Your content should advertise your business by creating a conversation that will engage and entice, and in the long run, build a community.

Hire professionals: While you, as an entrepreneur, will know your business best, you may not have the skills to communicate the same. This is where hiring a professional writer, vlogger, etc, becomes imperative. It may cost you money that you may not want to spare when you are struggling to establish your business. But, in the long run, unless your content is engaging, your business is not going to grow. So it makes sense to invest in professionals to dish out interesting, relevant and well-crafted content.

Quality content is your first step towards attracting customers. Try and provide content that is head and shoulders above what your competition is providing. And, surely, your customer list will start increasing!