If you thought scarves and stoles are just for cold winters, you’re mistaken. They are for all seasons and thrown on to add a pop of color to an otherwise sober outfit. Or you could use one to cover up a bad hair day!

There are tons of different ways in which you tie, twist and style your scarves and stoles. Without much ado let’s look at different styles, some classic and some new, both sure to become wardrobe favorites.

1. Do it the French way
The French Twist is my personal favorite and it’s pretty simple too. Check out this video for detailed instructions. Match this style with a striped tee and jeans or an oversized tee and tights.

2. The necklace knot
Lacking a statement neckpiece in your accessory closet? Worry not, a scarf or stole can double up as a fashionable ‘necklace.’ Click here to see how the Necklace Knot works. Style it with a shift dress for a modish look.

3. The classic loop
It’s classic because it’s so easy to put together and looks great. You can mix and match this style with all kinds of outfits – formal, smart-casual, and casual. Watch this video to learn how to tie the Classic Loop.

4. Babushka style
Having a bad hair day? The Babushka styled scarf or stole is the perfect cover up. With this, you’ll look like a cute Russian doll. This video will give you different styling tips for the Babushka style.

5. A snazzy belt
Does your little black dress seem like a little boring dress without a belt to go with it? A scarf or a stole can help you steal the show. Check out this video to learn about three fancy ways to tie a scarf/stole belt.

Scarves and stoles are trendsetters these days. These are our top five picks on styling scarves and stoles. Do you have any other fashionable styling tips in hand? Feel free to share them below.