Budget Fashion for New Year’s Eve

Our resident fashion writer suggests some innovative ways to look glam this NY without breaking your bank account.

Lucky for us the term ‘budget fashion’ isn’t considered unfashionable anymore. Post 2008 and the global economic crisis, we even have a stylish word for women who seek to remain fashionable with a limited budget. Yes indeed, the word recessionistacan even be found in the Oxford dictionary now! So this New Year’s Eve you can look like a million bucks without having to spend it!

Recycle and repeat

Take a leaf out of the elegant Duchess of Cambridge’s style book. Kate is known to repeat her beautiful dresses. So before you head to the mall, go to your closet. You’ll be surprised by the number of amazing, sometimes new and unworn clothes you own. Choose a summer maxi dress in a timeless solid color like white or red or an LBD; dress up these day-dresses with a pair of sky-high gold wedges, over-sized gold hoops, a dash of red lipstick and dance the night away.

Chic combos

Another way to avoid buying a new outfit is by creating new ensembles out of what you already own. The pantsuit is suddenly having a comeback this winter, so choose a vintage corset and wear it underneath your favorite black blazer with wide-legged black trousers. Sequins never go out of style for NY so pick a sequined skirt and opt for an unexpected yet chic pairing with a classic white shirt.

Forward-thinking fashion

If you are thinking of shopping, shop responsibly. Global ‘fast fashion’ brands are destroying the planet with cheap clothes that come at the cost of the environment. Did you know that it takes 700 gallons of water just to make one simple t-shirt? So choose to shop at stores which support organic fashion. Try affordable high-street label, H & M which has an organic cotton line and initiatives to recycle old clothes. Indian designers like Anita Dongre are among several designers that work with local artisans and organic cotton. Shop at AND/Global Desi and the cheaper ‘diffusion’ lines from Anita Dongre to pick up great clothes.

Happy hues

When in doubt or on a budget, always opt for solid colors. The reason for this is that many fashion brands and designers use manmade fabrics for affordable clothes, and polyester prints often looks garish. Black, red or pantone green (the color of the year) hues look good in most fabrics and in your New Year’s Eve photographs.

Bold is beautiful

Use jewelry and makeup to dress up your New Year ensemble without spending an extra paisa. To dress up a simple jumpsuit, delve into your mother’s cupboard and borrow a stack of gold bangles and some jhumkas for an Indo-western look. Team a statement tribal necklace with a white off-shoulder top and culottes. Choose a bright lipstick hue like red or mithai pink to add some cheer to your New Year’s Eve party. Dramatic eyeliner and a great blow-dry will also add that extra oomph to your look.

Attitude is everything

The final touch to your NYE ensemble won’t cost you a thing – a happy smile and a great attitude! Happy new year fashionistas!

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