street dogs

Do Your Bit for Street Dogs

Today, there is an influx of street dogs on our city roads. However, many people do not like sharing the streets with these adorable mongrels. People feel that street dogs are more likely to bite them. In most cases, these dogs will not harm you unless you are a threat to them or you have hurt them.

Even though we are not required to take care of street dogs, a few gestures will ensure an environment where both humans and dogs can co-exist peacefully.

Here are few tips on how you can do your bit for street dogs:

  1. The first thing would be to contact a non-profit organization, Blue Cross, for example, and inform them about the number of dogs that need to be sterilized. Male dogs that have not been sterilized tend to be more aggressive and territorial. They also form packs that can get a boisterous. Getting them sterilized ensures the dogs are more docile. Female dogs can have numerous litters in one lifetime. This compromises the health of the mothers and, also, litter after litter leads to a drastic increase in numbers.
  2. If you find yourself with leftovers after a meal, rather than throwing it away, feed the dogs in your vicinity. Get some large basins or any sturdy big bowl that will withstand the elements and fill them with water. In summer, street dogs can get dehydrated and have no viable source of water. Placing water bowls for them will go a long way in alleviating their thirst.
  3. Our country has witnessed some horrific cases of cruelty to animals recently. If you witness any such cruelty, do inform a suitable animal welfare organization or even the police. If they do not respond to your complaint, post a detailed description of what occurred on social media. This will ensure that the word spreads.
  4. If a street dog has littered in your area, give her food. She needs nourishment for herself and her puppies. Once the mother stops feeding the puppies, put the puppies up for adoption. Help them find homes.
  5. If you need to pay for shots and surgeries for street dogs, organize a bake sale or flea market for the sole purpose of collecting enough money to get these procedures done. You could also ask friends to pitch in to raise funds or post it on social media platforms. Getting their shot ensures that they do not end up suffering from rabies or distemper. This, in return, will guarantee our safety.