Benefits of a Terrace Garden

In addition to making up for lack of space for a die-hard gardening fan, a terrace garden has many benefits.

A terrace garden or a green roof is an answer to an urban gardener’s dream of having a garden at home. With multi-story buildings, skyscrapers and condominiums on the rise, people with a green thumb are finding terrace gardening an outlet for their passion. Cultivated on the terrace or balcony, green roofs have their own share of benefits.

It brings one closer to nature: Nature is and always has been man’s best friend. Terrace gardens bring a piece of nature to your house.

Fresh and organic produce: Having a terrace garden gives you direct access to fresh vegetables and fruits. Nothing tastes better than food cooked with vegetables plucked straight off the plant, or fruits eaten in their freshest form.

Grow your own pharmacy: Have a pharmacy of natural medicines grown in your own terrace garden. You can keep many a lifestyle disease in check.

Helps in reducing pollution: Plants increase oxygen production. Having a garden means increasing the flow of oxygen and thereby reducing pollution. The plants capture airborne pollutants and filter toxic gases. They potentially control the amount of carbon-di-oxide and other pollutants constantly released into the air. Your children breathe in the fresh air your garden brings in which in turn helps them to develop a stronger immunity system.

Helps in rainwater harvesting: Terrace gardens retain rainwater and thus help in moderating the temperature. They also arrest the flow of storm water, thus decreasing the pressure on sewer systems when the flow is forceful.

Keeps the temperature cooler: The regular dew and evaporation cycle keeps the surface of the roof cool and hence provides a cool environment inside the house. Another fact that keeps heat in check is that the light that is absorbed by all the vegetation on the terrace garden would otherwise be converted into heat energy in the absence of the plants.

Aesthetic benefit: Make your house visually appealing with the existence of a terrace garden. It beats any pricey and modern uplift that you can do to your house.

Enjoy nature at your doorstep with a terrace garden. The benefits come for free!