The Benefits of Tai Chi

The Benefits of Tai Chi

Originally from ancient China, Tai Chi has spread to all parts of the world as an effective form of exercise both for the body and mind.

Tai Chi which translates to ‘boundless fist’ has evolved from ancient times and can be traced back to Buddhist and Taoist monasteries. The practice started as a means to relieve stress and anxiety by meditation and exercise. And thus evolved Tai Chi as a meditation in motion.

Tai Chi is beneficial both to healthy people and to people with chronic conditions. Some benefits of Tai Chi are:

Good for balance: Tai Chi practice involves slow and steady movements. It includes shifting from one side to another and coordinating upper body movements. These movements strengthen the core balance and reduce the risk of losing balance control, especially in the elderly.

Gives flexibility: The range of movements that Tai Chi comprises is beneficial in improving and increasing flexibility of the body.

Good for strength and endurance: Practicing Tai Chi at least three times a week gives you greater strength and endurance.

Improves posture: With regular practice of Tai Chi, you can develop and maintain good posture.

Improves hand-eye coordination: Along with upper and lower body coordination, the movements of Tai Chi help regulate hand and eye coordination owing to the slow and rhythmic movements.

Aerobic angle: Research shows that Tai Chi is a form of aerobic exercise too as many movements are similar.

Good for the respiratory system: Tai Chi includes deep breathing which is helpful in regulating the respiratory system. Practicing Tai Chi helps in treating ailments like asthma, emphysema and bronchitis.

Prevents chronic illness: Tai Chi is helpful in controlling and treating chronic ailments like blood pressure, heart disease, depression, digestive disorders and arthritis, to name a few.

Controls stress: Tai Chi is great for stress control. The slow and steady rhythmic movements, deep breathing and hand-eye coordination help you feel free from the hectic vagaries of life and promotes relaxation.

Since Tai Chi can be practiced by anyone regardless of age and health conditions, it has become extremely popular. Regular practitioners of this form of exercise can vouch for the fact that it helps them become more mindful, more peaceful and less subject to disturbing influences.