Ancient Indian Remedies

Ancient India has passed down to us not just a rich culture, rooted customs and deep traditions but also medical solutions and remedies. The best part of these remedies is that they can all be made at home and with no side effects!

We all remember our grandmas spooning us with her decoction of cumin and carom seeds when we complained of a stomachache. Or rubbing some eucalyptus oil on our chest and back the minute we started sneezing and sniffing with a cold. They never ran out of recipes to treat ailments and what’s more, they provided relief, cured and did not have any side effects! Here, we look at some of the more popular remedies.

Stomach ailments: Prepare a decoction by boiling water with roasted cumin and carom seeds. Strain it and drink after adding a dash of lime. You will get instant relief from stomach pain. For constipation, drink milk boiled with turmeric and figs. For diarrhea, consume flea seed husk with yoghurt or eat a banana that is not very ripe.

Cold, sore throat and cough: Exterior application of eucalyptus oil for cold is a practice followed from time immemorial. To cure cold and related symptoms internally, boil basil leaves with crushed ginger, pepper and cloves for a few minutes. Strain and drink with a few drops of honey.

Diabetes: Soaking fenugreek seeds overnight and swallowing them on an empty stomach is a practice all diabetics should follow because it helps in decreasing sugar levels. Regular inclusion of bitter gourd at mealtimes and eating berries and fruits like gooseberry, blackberry, guavas and kiwis are also recommended to keep sugar levels in check.

Blood pressure and cholesterol: Garlic is excellent for lowering both blood pressure and cholesterol as well as acidity. Papaya also keeps cholesterol levels low when consumed every day.

Beauty enhancements: No teenager has grown up without trying out the beauty treatments suggested by her grandmother for beautiful skin. Face packs of sandal paste, turmeric and lime juice or fruit peels, honey and gram flour all promise glowing skin. You can alternate vegetable juices with fruit juices in your face packs.

Haircare: Lemon juice rubbed into the scalp after oiling strengthens hair roots and prevents dandruff. Boil gooseberries in milk, mash them when soft and apply to hair roots to prevent hair fall.

Try out these natural, ancient Indian remedies and save on visits to the doctor and beauty parlors!