Bhringraj hair oil

False Daisy, scientific name Eclipta prostala, Karisalankanni in Tamil or commonly known as Bhringraj, is a herb grown around the world especially in areas with moisture.

Normally linked to hair and its care, Bhringraj oil is a time-tested formula. Oil made from this Ayurvedic herb can have lasting effects on the hair. With no chemicals and preservatives added, bhringraj oil is used in its organic form. The oil is known to produce results within a week or two of application. It prevents dryness and dandruff by nourishing the hair, delays balding and helps unravel frizzy hair. The benefits of bhringraj oil also extends to the body; when applied it has a cooling effect.

Expert opinion establishes that bhringraj oil enhances blood circulation and helps to revitalize hair follicles, consequently aiding hair growth. According to Padmapriya Krishnan who holds a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and a master’s in Child Development, “Bhringaraj is a herb known for its anti-greying and calming properties. It is also used to treat hair fall problems. It increases the blood flow to the roots of the hair and thus strengthens it. It also proves to be efficient in treating insomnia and certain scalp problems. Regular use of bhringraj is known to reduce stress. I have personally used bhringraj to treat hair fall problems. Within a month’s time, I found that my hair fall had reduced considerably. After using bhringraj my hair looks healthy and shiny.”

Let us explore the benefits of this miraculous oil in detail:

To get rid of dandruff and dryness: Bhringraj oil can easily seep into the scalp as it has a high specific gravity that makes it quite thick. Once it penetrates the scalp it treats any dryness and resulting dandruff. For best results, the oil can be massaged into the scalp and a steamed towel can be wrapped and left for about five minutes. This facilitates deeper absorption and the sebaceous glands are activated. For dandruff problems, the oil can be warmed, then applied and left overnight. Some lime juice should be rubbed on the scalp the next morning before rinsing the hair.

To prevent baldness: Bhringraj oil, when used regularly, will treat balding hair. The oil should be massaged every night into the scalp. This increases blood flow to the roots of the hair and more nutrients are supplied to them. Hair growth is thus ensured.

To prevent hair fall: Hair loss and stress are deeply linked. More stress means loss of more tresses. Bhringraj oil acts as a coolant and relaxes you when massaged into the scalp. Moreover, the oil nurtures hair follicles which is the first step to preventing hair fall. The nutrients in the oil meet the deficiency of minerals causing the hair loss. With regular use, it starts promoting hair growth too.

To increase hair growth: According to Ayurveda, bhringraj oil widens the blood vessels which in turn improves blood flow to the roots thus aiding hair growth. The hair follicles are activated which increases the growth of The results can be improved by massaging the oil in a circulatory motion for at least ten minutes and then leaving it for about an hour before washing the hair.

To prevent greying: Bhringaraj oil helps to retain your natural hair color. Try mixing amla oil to it and massaging the mixture to your scalp. For best results leave it on overnight and wash your hair in the morning. This exercise arrests greying. For coloring your hair naturally, use the dye extracted from the leaves of this herb.

To add luster to hair: Padmapriya vouches for the fact that bhringraj oil improved her hair quality and also got rid of split ends. A regular user, she tried combining the oil with coconut oil, shikakai and amla and stored the mixture. This DIY ‘conditioner’ nurtures her hair, makes it feel strong and also helps it appear glossy.

The best thing about bhringraj oil is that it is natural and hence has no side effects. Many users have also found that bhringraj oil is a good way to relieve stress and help them to sleep better. So, make sure this versatile oil occupies a permanent space in your bathroom cabinet.