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About us

Welcome to ijugaad.com A lifestyle website that seeks to add value to your life – with a sprinkling of magic called ‘jugaad’.  We have a wealth of articles on a host of topics from lifestyle and fashion to food and fitness to environment, money and careers. All tailor-made to help you celebrate life and find ways to improve it.

And that’s our objective – to help you live a better life through innovative ideas and creative concepts.

Why ijugaad.com?

Indians, as a rule, are masters at jugaad. All of us practice jugaad in some form. We may do it in different ways, but we all do it. We are masters at the three ‘Rs’ –  recycle, reuse and reduce. And today, we are also aware of our health, lifestyle and the environment. We want to live well but want to leave a better world to their children. We are looking for ways to downsize our carbon footprint. We are looking for ways to improve our health and looking at ways to get innovative in our kitchens.

Take your life in your own hands

At ijugaad.com, we celebrate life, we customize it to suit the needs of different types of people. It’s about being open to all the possibilities that are available and customizing them to suit and enrich our lives. The DIY concept is central to the philosophy of ijugaad.com. We offer solutions that you can use practically in your life. It could be to save time, money, resources. It could be to recycle or upcycle. It could be to boost your lifestyle, health or career.

So, look forward to stories that offer you tips and suggestions to make your life better, easier and more rewarding.  Celebrate the magic of jugaad!