Valentine’s Day

9 Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

This is for all you diehard romantics – the ones who look forward to Valentine’s Day as a special occasion to show your love for your spouse or partner. Well, if romance is what you want here are some ideas to stoke the romantic fires and have a sizzling Valentine’s Day!

  • Make a special date with your sweetheart: Play hooky from work, take your phone off the hook and switch off your mobile and go somewhere special. Dress up for the occasion and go somewhere swank and expensive. Splurge on champagne, some exciting appetizers, a rich meal and top it up with sinful dessert. Head somewhere where there is slow romantic music playing and dance cheek to cheek. Just go the whole hog!
  • Romance at home: Most restaurants are crowded on Valentines. So why not stay home? Whip up an exotic meal – try out some new cuisine. Or you could order in. Set the table with a red tablecloth, lace napkins, and crystal glasses and light up some aromatic candles. Drape wide red ribbons on the chairs. Use lots of flowers – red roses will set the tone. Don’t forget the music – play some soft, romantic stuff.
  • No electronics: Ban television and other distractions like your smartphone on Valentines and focus on each other. (Unless of course you plan to snuggle up together and watch When Harry met Sally or some romantic flick along those lines!).
  • Breakfast in bed: Why not surprise your partner by serving breakfast in bed? Lay out a tray with a red tray cloth, lacy doily and place one red rose for effect. If you want to get really mushy, place one of those lovey-dovey cards too. Watch them melt!
  • Take a long drive: Restaurants and discotheques are quite passé. Everyone goes there. Instead, plan a picnic. The weather is pretty good right now – not too hot and quite pleasant. Drive out of town and find a scenic spot. Lay out your picnic hamper. Laze on the beach, lie on the grass, soak in the sun, sip some wine, nibble on canapes and sandwiches and head back home as the sun sets.
  • The surprise element: Try surprising your partner by landing up at his or her office at lunch time and take your Valentine out for a special meal.
  • Go OTT: Send a bunch of roses every one hour to your partner at her office. She may be embarrassed as hell, but secretly she’ll be thrilled and you will win plenty of brownie points!
  • Let music be the food of love: Dedicate an over-the-top mushy song to your love on a radio channel that he or she listens to. Or compile a special list of his/her favorite songs or romantic songs and play it in the car or at home.
  • Get creative: Want to get really cheesy? Write a poem or a love letter. Even if its bad stuff, your partner will be touched and you can giggle about it later!
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