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Developing a punctual routine is an important approach to work and life in general. Make the best use of your time and skill by being punctual.

Traffic, coffee spills, the alarm that didn’t ring—these are a few of the reasons that cause tardiness. Punctuality is an underrated quality. Despite the notion that arriving late gives you the air of being more important, it’s the punctual workers who end up winning. According to research and your boss, timeliness is as important as producing quality work and here’s why:


  1. It makes you more organized: How you keep your time says a lot about how you live and the way you organize your space. Nothing says disorganized more than being constantly late for everything. It also brings down your reliability in terms of getting things done.


  1. Punctuality shows you respect others: When you’re late to meet someone, it shows you don’t value their time as much and is a form of stealing time they could have put to better use. Making people wait shows how little you respect them.


  1. You’re likely to be more productive: While most of us keep a vague schedule in our heads as to what we’ll do at work each day, only a few of us actually get things done. Running late puts a dampener on your motivation, stressing you out and before you know it, its lunchtime and you’re still sulking on social media.


  1. It reveals your integrity: Keeping your promises and sticking to your plans shows you are an honorable person. Punctuality indicates that you possess strong morals, and people view you with more respect when you’re on time. Keeping your character intact is important if you want to get ahead in life. Knowing that you’re always punctual allows people to put faith in you to deliver under tight deadlines. You’re more likely to be considered for new work projects and even important proposals just because you’re someone your colleagues can count on.


  1. Punctuality builds your self-confidence: Your punctuality doesn’t just make you reliable to others but also allows you to be able to commit to things without hesitating. It eliminates the phrase, ‘I’m not sure’ from your vocabulary. It helps you gain control over your time, your habits and even your compulsions.


  1. Being late can also increase stress levels: Rushing to places isn’t the best for your stress levels. Research has shown that people who are always running late are perpetually stressed out and are likely to burn out. Being punctual helps you maintain your mental health as well.


  1. Your punctuality can help you get that promotion: Research shows that employers are more likely to promote you if you’re on time or even early. Your timeliness is an indicator of your dedication. Employers measure your worth not just by the work you submit; your character and punctuality also play a huge part in how are you are perceived.


  1. Punctuality is the best tool for a planner: Planning the day ahead means squeezing time in and making the most out of a day. Your priority to stick to a schedule only works if you keep to the time you’ve allotted a task. If you’re finishing a report by 10am and starting a new project right after, even a 10-minute delay can put your entire day’s productivity off track.


Being punctual allows you to lead a disciplined life and make the most of your time. It also enhances your productivity and can lead to the next best opportunity.