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8 Fun Party Games for the New Year

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8 Fun Party Games for the New Year

The food, drinks and the waiting for the needle of a clock to rest firmly on the number 12 are certainly something we look forward to every year. But to make your party the most happening one on the block, you will need to whip up some fun activities that will have the entire group engaged.

Bringing in the New Year should bring with it the acknowledgement of memorable events that have shaped the year you are getting ready to leave behind. Here are some fun games to raise the level of excitement considerably.

  1. Personalized ornaments

Present your guests with an ornament each. Ask them to write their names on them with permanent marker. It will make your guests feel welcome and happy to be a part of your New Year celebrations.  For the kids, provide some sequins, beads and glitter and get them to personalize their ornaments however they wish to do so.

  1. Time capsule

Have your guests write, on a card, where they intend to be at the same time the next year. Place the cards in a box or a piggy bank and open it up the next year to see whether they are in the places they predicted they would be in. Also, to the box, add a copy of a picture of the entire group. Repeat this every year if possible.

  1. Charades

This game is not an unusual one but it still is guaranteed to raise the roof. It will bring all your guests, friends, family and acquaintances, together to win the game. To make this game festive, make sure that movies, music and books that each team must guess were released this past year. Be sure to put away any breakables as the players can get overly excited. Blame the game not the player!

  1. Guess the song

Another common high-energy activity is guessing songs. Make a playlist of songs that were released this year. If that list is rather small, play songs from the last few decades and make your guests tell you which decade they were released.

  1. Match the resolutions

Make your guests sit in a circle and write their New Year resolutions on a piece of paper. Collect these bits of paper in a box and get each guest pick one. On a piece of paper, have your guests write down the name of the person whose resolution they think they are in possession of. Once that’s done, have the players give the piece of paper to the person sitting to their right. Do this till they complete the circle and have read all the resolutions. The one with the maximum number of correct guesses wins. Present the winner with something hilarious like a crown and a cape, a moustache and wig and so on.

  1. True lies

One by one, have each guest reveal five things they have or have not done or        experienced that year. Each guest will note which of the five statements are true or false.

  1. Looking back

Make the guests write down all the significant events and newsworthy happenings of the year you are about to leave behind. Personal events do not qualify. The one with the most number of correct answers wins. Do, however, verify the statements before you announce the results. 

  1. Auld Lang Syne

Form teams and ask one member of each team to step aside. The guest will tell the opposing team member to sing a verse of Auld Lang Syne in a particular genre of music. The teammates of the singer will have to guess the genre of music within a limited period of time. To add some variation, have them recite the verse in the voice of particular actor or celebrity.