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8 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Clothes

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Background pieces of denim many of which crumpled remains of garment repair.

8 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Clothes

We all have clothes we’ve forgotten about lying in the back of our cupboards. Either they don’t fit anymore or they’re not in style these days. Wondering whether to use them as pajamas or to mop the floor? What if I said there are better alternatives? Read on to know more…

You don’t have to necessarily part with or throw away old clothes. You can reuse them and even restyle them, so you can keep them a while longer. A piece of clothing can be given an entirely new look, if you change its appearance and even purpose. Upcycling clothing is relatively easy; you don’t have to be a sewing master to do it.

  1. Take out those old jeans that don’t fit you anymore. Cut off the back pockets, stitch the sides together and add on embellishments to make a cute purse.
  1. Got a denim jacket that doesn’t fit you around your arms? Worry not. Cut off the sleeves and sew on different ones from old tops in your closet. Pick subtle or contrasting colors, as you fancy. You could also sew on some denim at the end of the sleeves to make cuffs. Throw on a few embellishments to pull off a snazzy look.
  1. Stopped wearing that pair of ripped jeans because they look more torn than just ripped? Like a gaping hole? Sew on some lace from an old lace dress for a delicate, lacey peek-a-boo.
  1. Old spaghettis and tops too short for you, you think? Hey, you could probably wear them as crop tops. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, try stitching on lace along the border to increase the length.
  1. You can reuse old, baggy t-shirts as pillow cases. Just sew up the collar and sleeve ends and voila! There’s a cozy pillow cover.
  1. Bring out the old scarves from your wardrobe. You can totally use them as stylish skirts by sewing up the edges. You can do it in an even manner or give it a little edge by stitching the edges in a layered pattern.
  1. If you have tees with cool graffiti or pictures, make tote bags out of them. With two quick seams and fast cutting, you’re done!
  1. Use old pretty scarves and vintage bed sheets as wall hangings. Just hammer four nails on a wall and hang the four corners of the cloth on them.

These are just a few of the many awesome and creative things you can do with old clothes. Hope you have a great time making these!