Asking for a promotion is a risky move. You don’t want to appear over-ambitious or arrogant. But, if you play your cards right, you can move up the ladder and be considered a valuable asset to the company.


Who doesn’t want a promotion? Treading on that thin ice requires you to be on your employer’s radar. The best way to do so is to show how capable you are. Impressing your boss is no easy feat but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Below are some techniques that are vouched by actual bosses that will help you get a promotion.


  1. Tell your boss about the bad news and fix it: Bosses love when their employees inform them of any problems they notice and even better, take ownership of fixing it. This shows that you’re observant and can handle any issues that come up, two excellent qualities to possess.


  1. Don’t slack off on responsibility: When a new assignment comes up, don’t hesitate to pick it up. The best rule to stick to when you’re looking to get a promotion is to avoid saying ‘no’. Instead of handing over a difficult task to your co-workers, work on it yourself until you get results. It’s easy to give up and push it on someone else but being persistent and not quitting is sure to make you noticed by your employer.


  1. Don’t overdo it: While reminding your boss why you’re important to the company, don’t overstep the boundaries. In every company, there’s a set hierarchy and picking up your boss’s responsibilities or stepping on other people’s shoes is offensive and makes it look like you’re threatening your employer’s position. Do your part and then some.


  1. Help other team members: Being a team player and working with others is a quality that bosses look for. If you want to climb the ranks, you have to help your colleagues as well. Lending a hand with their workload, helping them through a tough assignment and even offering to print something for them are ways you can be the perfect employee.


  1. Express your interest in getting a promotion: Your boss doesn’t know what you’re thinking. Make him aware of your interest because he may not be considering you as a candidate. Often, executives will tell you what you need to achieve to get the position you want. Be humble, but communicate what you want effectively.


  1. Stay away from office politics: It’s common to hear co-workers bad mouthing each other and gossiping about each other. Bosses are not fond of employees bringing drama to the work environment. Your job is to adapt to your current situation and ensure things run smoothly. Even if you don’t like a co-worker, avoid contributing to office conflicts. It’s better to stay quiet than say something that ruins your future.


  1. Go to that office party: Never skip the chance to socialize with your co-workers. The office party is how you find out about office news (like someone leaving the company). It’s also an opportunity to interact with your boss in a casual setting and is sure to improve your rapport with him or her.


Showing that you can handle what’s handed to you is a good indicator of your skills and you’re seen as a promising leader within the company. Work on yourself. Be confident in your abilities and the rest will come to you.