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We all love to decorate our homes and are always on the lookout for ideas to make it more aesthetically appealing. While a lot of time and effort is spent on planning and decorating the living room, kitchen and bedrooms, little attention is paid to bathroom spaces. In case of small bathrooms, you may be stumped by space issues.

Many apartments these days come with small bathrooms. Storage then becomes an issue. Wondering how to make the most of your small bathroom? Read on for some innovative ideas that will definitely be of help to you.

  1. Store toiletries in spice racks: Make use of compact spice racks to stash away your toiletries and other such items.


  1. Fix magnets on cosmetics: By attaching magnets on cosmetic items, you can place them on cabinets. A great way to avoid worrying over where to store all your cosmetics, am I right?


  1. Use coat hooks instead of towel rods: Coat hooks not only save you space but also increase your storage options. You can hang storage racks and caddies onto the hooks; use the caddies for shampoo bottles, loofahs, etc.


  1. Get lots of stick-on hooks: You can hang your hair accessories, necklaces and danglers on them. Not only does this save space around the washbasin, it also de-clutters the area.

    5. Use stick-on pods: Stick-on pods are handy to store smaller toiletries and cosmetic items like toothbrushes, tongue cleaners, lipsticks, mascara, nail polish, etc.

  1. Mason jars: Mason jars are so in these days! So why not add them to your bathroom décor? They are funky and are a good option to store your cotton swabs, cotton rolls, gauze, cleansing pads, make-up sponges, etc.


  2.  Prop up a large mirror on one wall: Give your small-sized bathroom a not-so-small feel by hanging a large mirror on one wall. Mirrors always make a room look larger. As a bonus, you can also admire yourself head-to-toe as you dress up.

Do you have any wacky, creative storage ideas or space hacks for small bathroom spaces? Share them with us in the comments section.