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7 Christmas Games to Play this Yuletide

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7 Christmas Games to Play this Yuletide

Make this Christmas one of fun and games. Here are some ideas for you to try.

What is Christmas fun without some games? No Christmas party is complete without some boisterous games. In fact, the more gregarious the games, the more fun it will be and the more memorable your party is going to be.

Here are some ideas to check out:

Ice breaker games: If there are guests from different social groups, make sure you have ice breaker games so that your guests get over the initial awkwardness. You can have a ‘Funniest Gifts’ game where each person has to mention three funny gifts they received where two are real and one is made up. The others have to guess which gift is a lie.

‘Twelve days of Christmas’ relay: Gather a collection of items to represent those named in the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’. Divide the guests into teams (you’ll need a complete set of items for each team). Give each team an empty bucket, and place two buckets with the items at the other end of the room. Each team must gather the items in the order of the lyrics. The winning team is the first to collect all twelve items in their bucket.

Christmas movie trivia: Organize a quiz based on all the popular Christmas movies. The party can be rounded off with a screening of the most-loved movie decided by a vote among guests.

Christmas Charades: A popular holiday game that can be based on Christmas characters or Christmas carols.

Holiday storytellers: An entertaining game that will have everyone thinking on their feet. Teams must start sentences and complete a story with the Christmas theme.

Speed decorating: Arrange for miniature trees and ornaments. Each player must decorate the tree within one minute. Different titles can be awarded and there can be many winners. (Most Creative, Prettiest Tree, etc.)

Gift-Wrap twins: This is a game for teams of two. Each team stands side-by-side and the hands of each team member closest to their partner are tied together. The teams are given a box, wrapping paper, ribbon, scissors and tape. The team members must wrap the package and tie it with a bow using only their free hand. The team wrapping the package correctly in the shortest time wins.

Build a snowman: If you are in cold place, you can have a snowman building competition. For those in tropical climes, you can always have a sand sculpture contest where the nativity scene is depicted on sand.

Whatever games you decide on, make sure you have enough prizes, and everything fits in your budget. Having another family member to help you conduct the games smoothly is also important.