Row of impressed young business co-workers clapping a colleague work

6 Ways to Make a Good Impression at Work

Making a good impression at work is always the right step towards climbing up the career ladder.

Putting effort into making a good impression at work goes a long way in getting you additional responsibilities, coveted positions and a better salary. It is a small but sturdy step up the corporate ladder. Learn how to make a good impression and reap the benefits.

Here are some tips on how to go about it:

Dress smartly: Dressing well and in the appropriate office apparel not just makes you smart, it gives you have the right amount of confidence. Avoid loud colors and heavy make-up and jewelry. Hair and nails should be well groomed and shoes shiny and polished. The way you dress is the first introduction to your personality.

Apt etiquette: Maintain the right etiquette required in an office environment. Keep personal life separate from office. Do not spend unnecessary amount of time on personal calls, sending emails or using office stationery for personal reasons. Misusing office equipment is a strike against making a good impression.

Time management: Be punctual. Arriving on time is a great way to make a good impression. Meeting your targets on time is another. Set realistic completion dates and stick to it. Avoid delays, have a checklist, delegate whenever required but finish your tasks on time, every time.

Accept mistakes: Erring is human, so mistakes at work are part of the scenario. But owning up to your mistakes and immediately taking corrective measures be it with a client or a co-worker shows responsibility and a strong sense of duty. Do not pass the buck. Owning up and coming up with solutions will be a strike in your favor.

Good rapport with co-workers: Maintain a friendly rapport with the staff. Offer help whenever you can and compliment jobs that are well done. Work as a team even if it means shifting importance away from you. This will qualify you as a real team player. You will earn their respect.

Crisis management: Keep your cool in the event of a crisis. Panicking will get you noticed for all the wrong reasons. Instead create an impression with your boss and co-workers by remaining calm and going the extra mile to discuss possible solutions. Coming through a crisis will make you stand out as a reliable and committed employee, one who the boss will single out during times of crises.

With a wee bit of effort day after day you will manage to make a good impression that will certainly have lasting effects.