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6 Tips on How to Practice Yoga at Home

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6 Tips on How to Practice Yoga at Home

Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, yoga is an ascetic discipline that originated in India over 5,000 years ago. It involves sets of mental, spiritual, and physical practices. For many people these days, yoga is a way of life.

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular and of course, there are tons of yoga classes that you can enroll in. In fact, there’s a new yoga center opening up almost every other day. But, not everyone has the time to actually go for a yoga class. Worry not, for you can practice yoga at home. Creating a do-at-home yoga routine is not as hard as you think it may be. However, we do advise you to go for a course at a certified yoga institute to learn the basics and then begin practicing at home.

  1. Fix a schedule: The ideal time is morning. Yoga is the best way to kick-start your day, as it keeps your energy levels high throughout the day. Due to time constraints, if you’re unable to schedule it in the morning, pick a time slot that is more convenient for you. Either way, fix a time and stick to it. Set your intent to practice N number of times a week, and live by it. Three times a week is the minimum advised. Start out with practicing 30 minutes a day; push it to 60, 75, and so on.
  1. Choose a comfortable spot: Start with a quiet area. Clear out some space in your room to put out the yoga mat, or if you have an extra room which you can dedicate just for yoga – even better. Make sure the space is clean, well ventilated, and well lit. Also, remember to pack away sharp objects and furniture in that space. An empty wall as a backdrop would be a bonus, considering you would want to practice headstands at some point.
  1. Get your yoga accessories in order: What you need to take care of:
  • Buy a non-slip yoga mat. For the environment-friendly ones, you have the option of buying an organic yoga mat.
  • Keep your yoga clothes light and simple. Avoid wearing jewelry while practicing.
  1. Warm up: Warming up is important, especially before you practice intense yoga postures. Remember, never practice yoga immediately after you have eaten a meal. It is always better to practice yoga on an empty/light stomach.
  1. Don’t push yourself: You need to start from the basics. You may see YouTube videos of yoga instructors doing next level yoga poses effortlessly; do not try to do it the moment you start practicing yoga. It took them days, months, maybe years of effort, to do it with that much ease. Take it slow. Push your (body’s) boundaries slowly. Take care to not injure yourself. Make a mental note that your body’s vulnerable spots include the hips, the neck, the knees, and the spine.
  1. Practice regularly: Nothing like consistency. Start a certain number of times a week, and increase it as you see progress in your postures and routines. Once you’re done with a session, relax. It is advised to end a practice session with Savasana.

Yoga is a good way to keep your body and mind in track amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Practice regularly and you are sure to reap the benefits.