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6 Hacks for Networking Successfully

To run a successful business or land a lucrative job, networking plays a crucial role.

Networking is instrumental in creating work opportunities and building a strong setup of contacts. Networking links together individuals with varied skills and accomplishments. It helps them to help each other.

Make your networking strong and effective by following these tips.

  1. Open up: Getting adept at the art of socializing and articulation leads to effective networking. If you are an introvert and the type to back off from public interactions, start improvising on this weakness by going out to gatherings often and mingling with your friends and relatives. You will slowly learn to make conversation and keep it going. If you are an extrovert by nature, that is one step out of the way.
  2. Be early: Reach early for a networking event. As one of the first attendees, you will be able to study each person as they enter, before groups are formed. You can start a conversation with individuals and then slowly move into a group discussion.
  3. Avoid the tone of a sales pitch: Before pushing forward your product or agenda, it is more important to establish relationships and build contacts. Keep the conversation informal and talk about common interests; keep the exchange fun and light. In short, focus on enjoying the company of people. If a person directly asks you about your work, come up with a succinct but interesting description. Once his interest deepens, you can carry the discussion forward at a scheduled later date.
  4. Share your enthusiasm: Share your story of inspiration (about your work) with passion. This will leave a lasting impression. The enthusiasm with which you talk about your product or work can be contagious, inspiring people to share their own stories, thus building a rapport.
  5. Be attentive and listen: Good listeners are always welcomed in a group. Don’t try to steal the other person’s show. Keep a conversation going, not a monologue. Create the impression that you are listening attentively by looking the person in the eye and asking pertinent questions at intervals. This will make the person feel important.
  6. Be sure to follow up: Now that you have initiated the process, take all measures to keep it going. Get contact details like email addresses, phone numbers and link up on social networks. Stay in touch and arrange mutually convenient meetings so your contacts remember you whenever an opportunity in your scope arises.