decorate Front door with a Christmas wreath and bows

6 DIY Ways to Decorate Your Front Door This Christmas

Let your home stand out this Christmas with some fancy DIY door décor…

Door décor is hard to miss. And during Christmas, those who live in apartments do not get to decorate the entire building with fairy lights and decorations. So, the front door is the only thing on the outside that you can decorate. Most people hang a star above and maybe a wreath on their door. As beautiful as these are, it would be nice to be more creative and push that imagination of ours a little further.

Here are some easy DIY ways to make your front door stand out this Christmas:

  1. You could decorate your door to look like a giant gift box. Use shiny cloth for the ribbons. Have one ribbon across the length of the door. Take another ribbon to run across the breadth of the door. The door will now resemble a gift box. At the spot where the ribbons meet, stick numerous pine cones and sparkly Christmas decorations. To finish, cut out a large piece of cardboard in the shape of a gift card or tag. On the board, write down ‘Merry Christmas’ or whatever festive message you would like everyone to see. Tie the tag to the door with the help of a satin ribbon in Xmas colors.
  2. Hang a string of Christmas stockings across the top part of the door.
  3. Use a Santa hat to hold a bouquet of holly, baby’s breath, pine cones and more. Place it where you would a wreath.
  4. Cover your door with cutouts of snowflakes from white and silver paper. Cut different shapes of snowflakes and stick them all over the door. You can even use glitter paper for your snowflakes.
  5. Along the sides of the door, hang twine with Christmas bells tied to it. Make sure the length is precisely that of the length of the door.
  6. Using copper wires, make the base for a wreath. Make the wreaths with seashells. silver bells, mosaic from cut-glass or mirrors and glass marbles or nuggets.