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6 Creative Christmas Party Themes

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6 Creative Christmas Party Themes

Christmas parties are about family and friends getting together to have a good time and ringing in the holiday cheer. Here are some themes to make you host and hostess of the year.

If you want your Christmas party to set the tone for the New Year and be the talk of your friends for a while, it all begins with some great planning. The first step is to narrow down on a theme. White Christmas and Santa/Elf themes are now passé. If you are looking to do things differently this year, here are some interesting Christmas themes to consider:

Go international: The ‘Christmas from around the World’ theme allows for a lot of variety. Choose cuisines and traditional games from different cultures that celebrate Christmas. Incorporate décor from the regions that you choose food from. Have labels or little post-its that explain the significance of your choices all around. Make things fun and bring in traditional music and dance from all over.

Sharing the love: A lovely theme that truly conveys the spirit of the season is a ‘Santa’s Workshop’ theme. This theme is centered on giving back. Each guest is an ‘elf’ who brings a toy, and all gifts received will be donated to underprivileged children. The décor can be created to resemble Santa’s Workshop and a sleigh can be arranged to drop the gifts. There can be a silent auction where guests can bid on anything from vintage baseball cards to comic books to favorite toys of past generations to generate funds to donate too.

Favorite Christmas movie character: This is a fun theme where everyone comes dressed up as their favorite Christmas movie character. Games revolve around the movies and a screening can be arranged as well. And of course, the Grinch is welcome too!

Masquerade ball: This is a formal theme that uses decorative masks to adorn the faces of all guests. While guests must bring their own masks, it would be a good idea to have a few extra ones on hand for those who invariably tend to forget. Have a well laid out table with extravagant options for dining. Give it that polished touch with servers around to help.

Historical Christmas party: Choose a different era such as the 50s or 80s as a theme. Guests can come dressed in fashion from that era. The décor and music must be from the decade chosen. Food can be of the type that was popular in that decade. Try and organize a selfie booth where guests can be photographed in their unique costumes.

Sweet Christmas: Have a Willy Wonka Christmas or a Baking Party which is ample excuse to serve up loads of delicious goodies. You can decorate the place in chocolate and white colors. Have lavish amounts of desserts and if you are up to it, introduce a dash of chocolate in every dish right from appetizers. All the return gifts can be scrumptious treats. Round off the party with carol karaoke sessions.