6 Brilliant Ways to Throw a Stress-free New Year Party

With New Year just around the corner, everyone’s busy prepping up for that highly anticipated NYE party. Hosting holiday parties can be stressful. Throw an entertaining holiday season party that you enjoy just as much as your guests. Here’s how.

Is your pad the go-to place for parties? Did you volunteer to host this year’s New Year party? Don’t panic, here’s your handy guide to throwing the most memorable party ever!

  1. Plan it all out

Making a list is the most legit way to keep things under control. This way you can sort your expenses, budget your time and delegate tasks to others. Your guests will feel more involved when they’re asked to help with a party-related task. It could be anything, like getting a few bottles of champagne or bringing a sweet dish.

  1. Host an open house style event

Planning an open house style party where your guests can come and go without having to adhere to any particular time frame will work in your favor. Because if you have scores of people walking in at the same time, they’ll all need to be greeted, fed and entertained at the same time. By hosting an open house party, your responsibilities are spread out over time. Don’t forget party invitations – you can go old school and send out printed invites via post or choose to send out email invites.

  1. Define the atmosphere

For those who aren’t handicrafts-oriented, setting up the party space can be nerve-racking. Try the following:

  • Hang a fresh, showy wreath on your front door
  • Have streamers, balloons, string lights and the like put up indoors
  • Place table-top candles to warm the space
  • Have music playing in the background: have a mix of classical and upbeat to guide the mood of your guests
  • Have a round of games planned, for adults and kids
  • Put up blank canvasses on the walls, arrange for markers, and have your guests pen down messages or New Year resolutions. Post-party, click a picture of the wall and send it out to your guests as a souvenir
  • Remember to put up the conventional ‘Happy New Year’ banner.
  1. Food and drinks
  • Cook ahead of time and keep it warm in the oven or crockpots. Soups and stews are the best holiday winter foods. Quiches and tarts freeze well, and you don’t have to make them from scratch. You could also have a food rehearsal – cook the dishes a few weeks before the party to make sure they’re scrumptious and not too hard to make.
  • If you want to make it easy on yourself, host a potluck. This will save you time and money! Just see to it that everyone commits to a dish.
  • Stock up your pantry with plenty of cookies, crackers and no-bake desserts.
  • Either have a separate counter for drinks or a bar-cart that can be towed around. Stock mocktails, cocktails, punch and, of course, water.
  • Have a food guide go around so your guests know what’s on the menu.
  1. Keep the place tidy

Ensure there are plenty of trash bags around the area so people don’t just aimlessly litter. Clear clutter in your sight, because you don’t want a mess to pile up for the next day.

  1. Give out party favors

Freshly baked cookies, tiny wine bottles or even a scented candle will do. Anything to make the night more memorable.

Now you’re all set to throw the most awesome, kickass NY party there has ever been! Stress less. Eat more. Drink more. Party more. Be merry!