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5 Ways to Be More Organized in 2017

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5 Ways to Be More Organized in 2017

Getting organized and then staying that way can be a Herculean task if you do not approach it with a practical plan. Here is how you can do it.

“I’m going to get more organized this year.” I bet that sounds familiar. Probably because it’s one of the most often made New Year’s resolutions of all times! By the 2nd or 3rd month, motivation dies down, and halfway through the year, we find ourselves where we were when we pinned down the resolution.

The dismal feeling of getting back to work post New Year’s Day is only matched by the dreariness of a house stripped of holiday season decor. Don’t slouch. Take heart! There’s a whole new year ahead of you and this means it’s time to kick your organizing habits into high gear.

  1. Declutter your house

Get out your old and rusty kitchenware. Bring out all the clothes sitting at the back of your closet. Get out the ancient books you don’t feel the need to keep anymore. Gather all the toys your kids are too old for. You can either donate it at nearby charity homes or conduct a fun garage sale. Either way, make sure there’s nothing in your house that won’t be used. Whatever remains, keep them in order. Use labels, organizer shelves, hooks and hangers to make sure everything has a place. Also, remember to put things back in their place once you use them.

  1. Get your finances in order

Baffling numbers, getting out of debt, investing for the future, spending some and saving some may all seem daunting, but you need to get these things right on track. Clear your taxes, pan out your monthly budget, sort out bank papers and don’t forget to list out miscellaneous expenses. Maintain a ledger to keep a record of things. If you’re more of the tech savvy kinds, use apps like Quicken or The Financial Calculator Deluxe.

  1. Shop with purpose

As you wander the aisles of supermarkets, avoid the urge to dump everything from the shelves into your shopping cart. Stop and ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” or “Would I actually buy this if it wasn’t on sale?” or “Do I have space to store this back home?” If you answer ‘no’ to any of these questions, leave the item on the shelf.

  1. Organize for 20 minutes everyday

This could mean anything from sorting mail, clearing the trash, throwing out mystery foods in the kitchen, to getting rid of medicines that are past their expiry date.

  1. Plan ahead

Set goals and have to-do lists with everything you need to get done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Have milestones and mini-goals to know how much you’ve progressed, because smaller targets are easier to accomplish, and motivate you to do more in turn. But keep in mind, everything won’t run smoothly. Don’t be disheartened by minor setbacks. It’s okay if you have to start from square one, because it’s better to get back on track than to give up.

Getting organized is a through-the-year process. Attitude is everything. Have a can-do attitude all the time and you’ll be surprised how much you achieve!